29 March 2013

Review of RICH Pure Luxury Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir (Sponsored)

In my opinion, taking care of my hair is just as important as taking care of my skin. I admit that I should have taken better care of my hair as my hair routine only revolves around shampoo and conditioner. Lately, I have discovered that my hair starts to become dry and brittle. That is when I start to realize that hair care products such as serum and cream are important in keeping my hair smooth and shiny.

In this post, I will be writing a review for RICH Pure Luxury Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir, a luxury hair care product that is able to deliver softer, healthy-looking hair that is shiny from root-to-tip!

More about RICH (Story)

Located on the bustling Champs-Elyesées, RICH has quite literally absorbed Parisian style and blended it into a unique collection of hair care products.

Features of this brand: It

•         understands that women want to enjoy luxurious hair everyday but do not necessarily have the time to pamper themselves with expensive in-salon treatments or time-consuming blow-dries.
•         creates a collection of products that not only nurture and smooth the hair but elegantly styles it into looks that can withstand the busiest of lifestyles.

More about RICH Hair Care Range

It is  available at :  aLT@BHG, John Little, and Watsons Stores

Range of Products: RICH Pure Luxury

•         Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir (**Star Product**)
•         Intense Moisture Shampoo
•          Intense Moisture Conditioner
•          Hair Repair Treatment
•         Moisture Leave-In Conditioner
•         Intensive Treatment Cream
•         Silk Oil Serum
•         and Argan De-Frizz & Shine Mist.

This Range of Products: boast natural-based formulas that have been infused with luxury botanical  The result is a product line that dramatically improves the condition of all hair types and delivers a professional, long-lasting finish.

I have received both the RICH Pure Luxury Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir and Intense Moisture Shampoo. 

However I will only be doing a proper review for RICH Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir though. But, I have tried the RICH Intense Moisture Shampoo and I admit that I love its moisturising texture. I will definitely recommend this product for people with dry hair.

More about RICH Pure Luxury Rejuvenating Argan Oil Elixir

Size: 70ml

Price $24.90

Product Description: It’s quite simply a luxurious miracle in a bottle that delivers softer, healthy-looking hair that is shiny from root-to-tip!

It contains a beautiful blend of:

•         Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil
•         Sweet Almond Oil
•         and Olea Europaea Oil which is quickly absorbed deep inside the hair shaft.

Effects: It

•         helps strengthen and condition dry, tired hair back to its former glory.
•         smooths, tames and de-frizzes hair ensuring it is more manageable and enjoyable.
•         helps  to reduce colour fade and protect hair against UV rays and heated styling appliances.

•         Blend 3-4 drops between your palms and smooth through damp hair.
•         Comb hair, then style as usual.
•         Reapply a small amount to dry hair for extra gloss.

There has been a lot of craze about Argan Oil Products lately because of the various benefits that this plant oil from Morocco will offer. So far, I have seen a lot of skincare Products that contain Argan Oil but I have yet to see a hair care product that contains this special ingredient.

That is why I am quite excited to write a review for this product.

This bottle has a pump dispenser whereby I am able to turn the nozzle of the dispenser. Here’s how it works. If you turn clock-wise for around 15-20 degrees, you will be able to lock the bottle to prevent the leakage of the Oil Elixir.

Likewise, if you turn it anti-clockwise around 15-20 degree, it will allow the Argan Oil Elixir to be dispensed out of the bottle when the pump is pressed down. 

I really appreciate this leakage preventive design as it will prevent the leakage of this product when I have accidentally press down the nozzle. More-over the product inside is oil and it will be quite messy to clean when there is accidental leakage.

The fragrance of this product reminds me of the smell of the baby oil but with a stronger luscious fragrance of the Argan Plant or rather Oil from the Plant. After applying 3-4 drops to my damp hair, I notice that is able to absorb into my hair instantly, giving it a natural shine. What I particularly love this product is the fact that it is able to give a healthy glossy shine protective layer that my brittle hair need while giving it a nice luxurious Argan Oil Fragrance. Please remember not to apply this product directly on the hair scalp as it is supposed to nourish the tip of the hair strand and not the scalp. I will think that this product will work wonder for ladies who have severely damaged and dry hair as it’s oily and moisturising texture will be able to treat and condition the hair effectively.

Do take note of the proper usage of this product though as 3-4 drops are already sufficient to provide the nourishment that your hair needs.

Lastly, please remember to like RICH Hair Care FB Page for more Products and Promotions and Updates :      www.facebook.com/richhaircare



Argan oil is an excellent product.. For this, we find a very high price in the market Argan oil health benefits.

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Hi Fatima,

Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I do agree that Argan Oil is an Excellent Product.