30 March 2013

Review of Elite Paris Fantastic Primer (Sponsored)

What are the functions of Primer or Makeup Base?

If you have asked me this question a year ago, my reply will be that " it acts as a base to make my makeup last longer." This is true but its main purpose is to actually prepare your skin before makeup for a more polish look.

If you are currently looking for a hydrating makeup Base, do consider Elite Paris Fantastic Primer which really impresses me with its moisturizing texture.

More about Elite Model

Founded in Paris in 1972, Elite is the number one modeling agency in the world and home to some of the world’s most renowned fashion models. More notably is its Elite Model Look contest, which brought the brand to the world stage with thousands of young women competing to be crowned the “Elite Model of the Year”.

With the expertise of makeup artists over the past 30 years, Elite models cosmetics were developed to bring the latest makeup trends to the everyday woman. Inspired by runway fashion, Elite aims to provide fashionable, innovative, professional and affordable makeup to help one look and “Be a supermodel in your own way”.

More about Elite Paris Fantastic Primer

Size: 15ml

Price: $24.90

Available: At selected Watsons stores

For: All skin types

Product Description: This is a translucent gel makeup base

Features: It

moisturizes skin
has a non-greasy finish keeps skin matt and helps the foundation to stay on
adopts an energizing formula is also complemented with a pleasant cucumber fragrance to keep you feeling fresh and clean, even in hot and humid climates

Ingredients: It contains:

anti-ageing agents
anti-pollutant agents
and extracts of Plankton

to fight skin oxidation,

Effects:  Perfect, Even and Long-lasting makeup

During the Watsons Beauty Day Out Event, I am being introduced to the Elite Models Makeup Range and I am quite surprised that it is exclusively available at selected Watsons stores at an affordable price from $7.90 - $26.90. Wow…another new brand of makeup Products at Watsons.

For your information, the star product of the Elite Makeup Range is the Fantastic Primer. The texture of this product is in Gel form. 

After spreading out this product on my face, it turns into a thin layer of moisture on my face. For a while, I thought that I have applied an extremely hydrating Moisturizing Gel on my skin. That shows how hydrating the texture of this Fantastic Primer is.

I personally think that the hydrating textures of this wonderful product will moisture my skin, so as to prevent the makeup from looking cakey and patchy. After the product has been completely absorbed into my skin, my face feels much smoother in terms of texture. 

It’s as though my skin has been injected with a small amount of collagen. Needless to say, it’s really so much easier to apply the foundation on my face as it has a smoother texture. 

After a few hours, I do find that my makeup will stay intact on my face. However, do note that I do not have an extremely oily face where the makeup does not stay on the skin for a few hours. Therefore, I cannot really comment on the degree of the effectiveness of this product in making my makeup stay longer on my face. All I know is that my face has a smoother texture after applying this product on my face and I will look radiant with the makeup on my face after a long day of work.

Lastly, I do hope that this product will be available in a bigger size packaging, like 30 or 50 ml. This is because 15 ml will only be able to  last me for around 3-4 weeks since I put on makeup at least 5 times a week,

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