31 March 2013

Pantene Colour Perm Lasting Care Range.

Do you like to perm or colour your hair? Yes, I do as I will colour my hair at least once every 6 months. To me, Black is a bit boring and I will like to add a bit of fun-colour to my hair. Although I do not go for those outrageous colours, I will like to colour my hair brownish, so that it will complement my short hair style.

However, we all know that any type of chemical treatments can damage our hair a great deal yet we will still like to visit hair salon to add just that a “little touch” to our hair. Sometimes, I just wish that I can have virgin hair despite having chemical treatments on a regular basis.

However, coloured and permed hair will lose its natural ‘lipid’ layer (F layer), which works as a natural protective layer for hair fibers, Naturally, chemically treated hair is more vulnerable to external aggressors, and thus less able to retain lasting colours and curls

I am honoured to be invited to the bloggers’ event of Pantene’s Colour & Perm Lasting Care at Hairloom Salon @Shaw Towers.

Firstly, the P & G Personnel point out that persistent hair issues, such as hairfall, split ends and fading colour and curls are caused by one key component – hair damage, which leads to unhealthy hair. When hair isn’t damaged, colour and curls simply last longer.

Here is an interesting experiment to identify the conditions of your hair strands.


Pour in around 100ml of water into a transparent glass.
Pull out/Cut 1 tiny strand of your hair
Drop the hair strand into the glass of water.
If your hair floats in the water, it means that you have healthy hair. If it sinks to the bottom of the glass, it means that you have damaged hair.

Well, I glad that my hair is quite healthy as it floats in water.

The next segment is by Andrea Chong, the renowned model, sharing with us her experience with this new Range of Pantene Hair Care Products.

More about Pantene Pro-V Colour & Perm Lasting Care Range 

Range Description: It is a hair care range specially designed to help repair and protect the durability of coloured and permed hair.

Feature: It targets hair health by enriching its signature Pro-V system with the

all-new Liquid Crystal Shampoo System-a technology unique in both its ingredient deposition and its performance on hair.

Effect: The new formulation helps ensure long lasting protection for a more durable colour and perm by creating a pseudo F-layer.

More about Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care Shampoo

Sizes: 170ml/460ml

Prices: $4.70/$8.95

I am currently using this shampoo at the moment. The texture of this shampoo is mild and does not have a heavy chemical smell.

Call me crazy but every time I use this shampoo, I just feel that I can smell the fragrance of Honey Drew. After using this product, I do find that the colour on my hair stay vivid though. I will highly recommend this product for people who like to dye or perm their hair.

More about Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care Conditioner

Sizes: 165ml/ 460ml 

Prices: $4.70/$8.95

There are 2 types of conditioners in the Colour Range. One is the normal Conditioner and the other is the Daily Intensive Conditioner.

The texture of this conditioner is just like the other nourishing conditioner that you will found on the market.

If you are looking for a more economical choice and your hair is not severely damaged, this might be just the choice of conditioner for you. For me, I will alternate between this conditioner and the daily conditioner. Do note that the function of this conditioner is mainly to help repair the chemical damage and protect colours.

More about  Pantene Colour & Perm Lasting Care  Daily Intensive Conditioner

Size: 180ml

Price: $8.95

Out of the 4 products, this is definitely my favourite item. It has a richer watery texture as compared to the normal Conditioner probably because it has 10% more concentrated repair essence.

The function of this product is to provide daily intensive care, so that the colours and perms will last longer. 

Notice the differences between the functions of Daily Intensive Conditioner and the normal conditioner- this product is to provide intensive care while the normal conditioner is to repair and protect the colour. As I have brittle hair, I will prefer this product as it is much nourishing and moisturising on my hair. In fact, after using this product for sometimes, I do feel that my hair has a smoother texture.

More about Pantene Colour Perm Lasting Care 6-Week Color Protect Treatment Program

Size: 60ml


Description: It is a six-week colour protection treatment program designed specifically to help retain colour and perm for up to 6 weeks

Features: It works through four essential components:

•         core chassis
•         durable conditioning active
•         durability enhancement active
•         and deposition enhancement active

which helps to provide conditioning benefits that ensure an even film of deposits around the hair fiber. 

Effects: Healthy, beautiful hair with fresh colour and curls that last for longer cycles, up to six weeks at a time!

This is the signature product of the Pantene Colour Perm Lasting Care Range. The correct usage of this product is to apply it onto damp hair after conditioning. Leave on for 3 minute then rinse off thoroughly.

It is recommended to use this product immediately after colouring or perm, so as to protect the hair against severe chemical damage. As the name of this product suggests, please also remember to use this product once every 7 days for a total of 6 consecutive weekly treatments. I admit that I am a bit lazy when it comes to hair mask because I need to wait for a few minute before washing it off. Still, I have tried this product twice and I love the smooth texture of my hair after the usages though.

 If you wish to try just 1 product from the range, then I will advise you to get this treatment mask.

The event comes to an end with the Hair Styling Segment by hair stylist, Peter Lim.

Lastly, please remember to like Pantene FB Page for more Products and Promotions Updates:  https://www.facebook.com/PanteneSingapore


A Spin on Fashion said...

Where did you buy the product line?
Is it available in PCX, Watsons, Mercury drugstore, or supermarkets?

Shorthairlady said...

Hi A Spin on Fashion,

It is available at Watsons, Guardian etc in Singapore. However, I am not sure about other countries.