12 February 2013

Reviews of Méthode SWISS Tri-cell Age Delay Care Range (Sponsored)

Lately, Méthode SWISS Thermal Oxygen Soothing Eye Cream has been rewarded The Best eye Cream in Singapore’s Women’s Weekly Best Beauty Buy Award 2013. I have tried this product before (Check out its Review here) and and I am quite impressed by its ability to reduce eye-bags.

Thanks to the invitation by SASA, I have received yet another 3 more products from this award winning Méthode SWISS Brand for review- Tri-cell Age Delay Care Range.

More about Méthode SWISS

Exclusively Available: At SASA

Description: This is a brand which creates lines of products with the most advanced skincare technologies of Switzerland, the highest quality natural ingredients and scientific principles.

More about Méthode SWISS Tri-cell Age Delay Care Range

It is a targeted skincare regimen attuned to the surroundings and pace of modern life.

Range Features: It

•         helps to protect and repair the skin against damage caused by a tropical city lifestyle and hectic schedule.
•         is based on the study of the phenomena that lead to premature aging, and in particular daily UV-induced damage, as most acceleration in the aging of the skin’s appearance occurs through UV rays and pollution. 

It contains:

•         PhytoCellTec™ Solar Vitis- protects skin cells against UV stress;
•         Lycoskin Defence-detoxifies heavy metals and protects the skin cells from pollution induced damages;
•         Cellintegrity-repairs damaged skin cells and extends cellular longevity.

More about Méthode SWISS Tri-Cell Age Delay Face Intense

Size: 30ml

Price: $98

Product  Description:With a fresh, lightweight texture, this precious serum consistently repairs skin cells damaged due to inevitable photo-aging, daily pollutions and chronic inflammations


•         Day after day, the skin becomes firmer, smoother and younger-looking.


•       Smooth morning and/ or evening over thoroughly cleansed and toned skin of face and neck.

This serum has a dropper design which does a good job in extracting out the serum from the bottle. 

However, it fades in functionality in terms of transferring the serum from the dropper onto my hand. Most of the time, my hand will have to touch the last part of the dip tube though.

I like the nice flowery smell of this serum. Once applied, the smooth creamy fluid will be absorbed into my skin within a few seconds.

Please remember to smooth the serum into the skin rather than tapping. After being absorbed, I notice that there is a thin layer of hydration film on my skin. Instantly, my skin has become softer, moisturized and firmer.

More about Méthode SWISS Tri-Cell Age Delay Face Cream

Size: 50ml

Price: $82

Product Description: Based on advanced genetic science, this sophisticated, smooth cream acts as a true guardian of youth, addressing all signs of aging to visibly and remarkably improve the skin’s texture and radiance.

•       It helps to leave the complexion younger, healthier and more vibrant. The perfect treatment for the daily rejuvenation of the skin.


•       Smooth morning and/ or evening over thoroughly cleansed and toned skin and neck.

This product comes with a bigger than normal size spatula. Personally, I do find that this spatula will be easier to keep as I often have the habit for misplacing the mini spatula.

Please only use the tip of the spatula surface to scoop out the Intense Cream. If not, you will find that you will be wasting some of the cream as a pearl size will be adequate for application. 

In contrast to the Face Intense Cream, this product has a creamier texture.

But, it is more hydrating as compared to some of the anti-aging cream I have encountered. On application, I can instantly feel a mini cool sensation on my skin. It is definitely a moisturizing cream as it leaves a thin hydration film on my skin as well.

Therefore, I will recommend it to other people who have a combination skin like me, yearning for an anti-aging cream that can replenish the moisture for your aging skin.

More about Méthode SWISS Tri-Cell Age Delay Eye Cream

Size: 15ml

Price: $70

Product Description: With an extremely fine, silky and easily absorbed texture, this complete eye contour treatment is developed with advanced stem cell technology to help correct all signs of aging caused by past damages from oxidation and environment assault


•        With powerful anti-stress, anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, the delicate eye area is intensely repaired, regenerated and re-energized, looking visibly younger and free from fatigue.


•        Smooth on the previously cleansed eye contour zone; gently massage in with fingertips.

Like the Face Intense Cream, this product also comes with the spatula. 

However, I do not like to use it to scoop up the Eye Cream mainly because it is too large a size.

Personally, I only use a pea size of eye cream per application. If I use the spatula, I find that I will be scooping out at least a pearl size of the eye cream though.

In comparison to the previous 2 products, it does not have the flowery smell but rather a mild peachy smell.  Although this product is labelled as an Eye Cream, I will refer to it as an eye gel.

It is hydrating in terms of texture. In fact, its non-oily texture will not cause the occurrence of Milla seeds. Unlike the cream, it does not give a cool sensation effect on application but it sure does a good and effective job in reducing my puffy eye bags. Upon application, my eyes are instantly re-energized and less fatigue.

As for the dark eye-circles, I might have to apply this product for a longer period of time before I can see its effect.

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