07 February 2013

Review of Good Skin Lab Tri-aktiline Plus Deep Wrinkle Filler+ Firming Concentrate (Sponsored)

It is no doubt that our skin will lose elasticity and collagen as we ages.When that happens, wrinkles and lines will start to appear. For me, I am constantly bothered by my laughing lines and always wish that they can be less visible on my face.

Thanks to the invitation by SASA, I am so excited to review this product from Good Skin Lab- Tri-aktiline Plus Deep Wrinkle Filler+ Firming Concentrate.

A product which can instantly improve the conditions of lines and wrinkles.

More about Good Skin Lab Tri-aktiline Plus Deep Wrinkle Filler+ Firming Concentrate

Size: 20ml

Price: S$66

Available At: SASA

Product Description: This product helps to reduce the look of visible fine lines and wrinkles as it fills, blurs and tightens fine lines and wrinkles immediately

It contains:

Nyloblend- Instant filling and  blurring of fine lines and wrinkles
Polymer Network & Diatosol- Instant skin tightening and wrinkle reduction
Promolife & Phytomatrix 100- Long term skin repair for younger looking and younger acting skin
Argireline Peptide-Long term skin firming
Tea Extract- Plumper and smoother skin over time
Amazonian Muru Muru Butter & Vitamin C- Increased moisturization and skin protection over time


Instantly: 100% of subjects demonstrated an improvement in lines and wrinkles

After 4 weeks: significant visible improvement in firmness and lifting


Lightly tap a small amount of product directly into deep wrinkles on forehead, between brows ,under eye area and around mouth until lines are filled in
Let set and follow with moisturizer
Use morning and night. Reapply as needed throughout the day

We all know that wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process but we can’t stop groaning about these imperfections whenever we look at ourselves in the mirror. True, we cannot stop the aging process but we sure can delay it with the help of anti-aging cosmetic treatments and products. In my opinion, this product is quite effective in blurring out the wrinkles and lines.

For your information, I have been using this product on my laughing line for quite sometimes.

The texture of this product is similar to that of the anti-aging moisturiser (white cream) but without the hydrating texture.

In fact, even when I have applied this product on my skin, I cannot see a super moisturizing film on my skin. That is why this product has to be used before the application of the moisturizer  Therefore, this product will not be sticky or oily on your skin as compare to other anti-aging products out on the market.

Do remember to tap this product onto the lines and wrinkles instead applying it directly to and fro on these creases.

By the way, this product is quite fast absorbing into the skin --I just need to tap it into the lines a few times before it is readily absorbed into the skin. For best result, please allow this product to be set in for a few second before applying the moisturizer.

After application, I can almost instantly feel that my laughing lines are slightly pumped up as though it has been injected with a small amount of collagen.

Of course, I am not expecting them to disappear completely. But, it sure does a good job in smoothing out the effects of the wrinkles and making it less visible on my face.

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