06 February 2013

Review of Darlie Expert White Toothpaste (Sponsored)

Having white sparkling teeth will make us more attractive and boast our confidence. That is why we should take good care of our teeth. Wouldn't it be nice if we can have toothpaste which is inspired by the professional whitening treatments used by most dentists? Here’s introducing an Whitening breakthrough toothpaste by Darlie- Expert White Toothpaste.

More about Darlie Expert White Toothpaste

Size: 120g

Recommended Retail Price: $5.90

Available at: All leading supermarkets, pharmacy and convenience stores.

It is inspired by professional whitening treatments used in daily dental care:

Ultrasonic scaling and

Features: It

• has a whitening shield- helps to prevent up to 80% of stain and tartar accumulation (Refer to graph below) without causing any damage to tooth enamel.

is scientifically proven to enhance teeth 3 times whiter!!

It contains:

Prophylaxis Silicamicro particles (PS-mp)
a) an ingredient similar to what dentist uses to remove stains, dental plaque and tartar

b) helps to provide a professional teeth-whitening experience at the comfort of your home.

Usage: Brush teeth at least twice a day with Darlie Expert White Toothpaste

I like the taste of Darlie Expert White because it is quite refreshing. In fact, I am quite surprised that this is the new toothpaste from Darlie. In the past, I have tried Darlie Toothpastes before and they are simply too strong a taste for me. But, this new toothpaste is different-it surely wakes me up to the freshness of the morning without an overbearing mint taste.

As for the effect of this toothpaste, it sure does a remarkable job in keeping my teeth white and healthy.I understand that it contains Prophylaxis Silica-Micro participant an ingredient similar to what dentist used. For your information, I will normally go to dentist to whiten my teeth (comprises of Ultrasonic scaling and polishing processes) on a regular basis-once every 6 months+. That is why I will like to have this extraordinary toothpaste which can sustain the whiteness of my teeth while I continue my regular visit to the dentist.

No doubt I can engage the help of intensive professional whitening treatment but it will not be economical for my budget.   

Since this product is being inspired by this professional whitening treatment, its advanced formulation effectively enhances teeth whiteness up to 3 times. I will definitely continue to use this product daily since it is effectively in preventing my teeth from staining. And most importantly, I can maintain the whiteness of my teeth at the comfort of my own home with the help of Darlie Expert White Toothpaste.

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