20 January 2013

Review of But, Becky Radiance & Luminous Pearl Mask (Sponsored)

In Jan 2013, Secretive will be launching a new Series of Mask in Singapore-But,Becky Mask.And, the endorser for this brand of mask is none other than the handsome Taiwanese Idol, Aaron Yan (炎亚纶).

More about But,Becky Masks


At selected Watsons Stores
Online at http://www.secretive.sg Website

Variants of Masks:

Moist-lock Firming HA Mask
Radiance & Luminous Pearl Mask
Age-lock Moisturizing Wild Yam Mask
and Pure Whitening Job's Tears Mask

However I will only be reviewing But, Becky Radiance Luminous Pearl Mask in this post.

Product Features:

Mask is woven with innovative knitting technique, giving it outstanding elasticity to cover every inch of the skin.

A special diamond pattern emboss further accelerates the penetration, making sure that it is fully absorbed.

More about But, Becky Radiance & Luminous Pearl Mask

No of masks per Box: 8 Masks

It contains:

Hydroluzed Pearl Extract-rich in Vitamin A
Licorice Extract
Ginko Biloba Extract-rich in Vitamin C
L-Ascorbic Acid

Effect: It helps to soften and whiten skin complexion, while keeping it young and luminous!

I love the material of this Mask Sheet as it is made of elastic material. 

This is quite important as the mask is able to fit my face perfectly without feeling any discomfort. As much as I like to put on Double-Lifting Masks (since they provide firming effect), some of the masks might be too tight on my face. When that happens, I will definitely feel a strong force of tension on the mask sheet which is so annoying. That is why I will appreciate this new mask because it is woven with elastic fiber and wood pulp, which has outstanding elasticity and stretch-ability properties.

From the product description, I understand that the mask sheet has a special diamond pattern emboss in it to accelerate the penetration of the essence. To me, I cannot feel any difference with the presence of this special feature. But, all I know is that this product does make my skin hydrating after applying it for a quarter of an hour.

As for the usage of the mask, do remember to remove it after 15-20 minutes of usage. 

Do not leave the mask overnight as this is not a sleeping mask.  I know that some of the ladies might be too busy and forget to remove the mask after the designated time. This is quite important as you do not want the mask to absorb back the moisture from your face though. After removing the mask from the face, please remember to massage the remaining mask essence onto face. 

After removing the mask, my face feels softer, with a slight glow of radiance probably because of the pearl extract that is present in this product.

I will definitely recommend this product to people with dull skin tone. 

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