06 January 2013

Review of Biore Skin Caring Cleanser Series: Mild and Scrub (Sponsored)

Ever thought of using a Cleanser that tailors specifically to your Skin Type? Now you can with the launched of Biore Skin Caring Cleanser Series this month.

More about Biore Skin Caring Cleanser Series

Launched Date: 3rd Jan 2013


Mild (Normal to Combination)
Extra Moist (Dry and Dehydrated)
Acne (Blemish Prone)
Scrub (All Skin Type)

Product Description: The first cleanser that supports and boosts skin’s natural ability to self-renew!

Product Features: It

Has a Higher cleansing ability
Is less irritable to the skin
Is The first cleanser that works to rebalance skin – reduce oil at T-zone (forehead  and nose) and replenish moisture at U-zone (cheek and chin).

It contains

Skin purifying technology
a) -Higher Cleansing Efficacy
b) -Cleansing chemical  does not penetrate  skin
c) -Non residue
d) -Non irritating
e) -Vitalize Skin


More hydrated skin
Less clogged pores and reduction in sebum
Lighten marks and blemishes
Skin re balances and shows improvement with long term usage

Note: Although there are 4 different types of cleansers in Biore Skin Caring Cleanser Series, I will be reviewing only the Mild and Scrub Products in this post.

More about Biore Skin caring Facial Foam Mild

Size: 130g

Suitable for: Normal to combination

Effects: Softer & smoother skin

It contains: Skin purifying technology

For your information, I have combination skin—oily at the T-zone and dry at the U-zone Area respectively. 

Having a cleanser that is able to reduce the excessive oil shine will be ideal for my T-zone Area. Likewise, having a hydrating cleanser that is able to moisturize my skin will be hydrating for my U-zone Area. However, the problem arises when I need to use a dual effect cleanser for my combination skin. If I use a hydrating cleanser, it might not have the ability to reduce the oil shine on my T-zone Area. If I use an oil reducing cleanser, it might strip off the moisture at the U-Zone Area. That is why I will appreciate this Product of Biore Skin caring Facial Foam Mild- a cleanser that works to re-balance my skin condition.

What I love about this product is its fluffy texture. I will recommend this product for ladies out there who like to use a foamy type of cleanser. Please remember to wet your face, lather this product with water to create foam and then apply it to your face.

After cleansing my face with this product, I have noticed my face feels smoother and softer.

Although I have not experienced a great significant reduction on the oiliness level on my T-zone Area, I am glad that my skin condition has improved a little. I have not experienced any minor or major breakouts on my face (both T-zone and U-Zone Area) ever since I have switched to this product. In fact, I feel that there are lesser zits on my face though.

More about Biore Skin caring Facial Foam Scrub

Size: 130g

Suitable for: All skin types

Effects: Clean, smooth and refined skin

It contains:

Skin purifying technology
Ultra-fine beads smaller than pores

I will recommend this product to people who prefer to use a scrub instead of a cleanser. For your information, this scrub is quite mild and can be used daily.

The differences between this and the Mild Product is that it has small Ultra-fine beads in the foam.  And the beads are really quite small in nature. 

The product press release depicts that it is smaller than our pores. My guess is that it has to be smaller than the pores sides, so that it will cleanse the dirt on my face effectively.

Frankly speaking, I do not have the habit to use the scrub to cleanse my skin daily. Therefore, I will only use this scrub twice a week. It is quite important for us to scrub our face on a regularly basis. This is because scrub will remove the dead skin cells on our face. If we do not remove the dead skin cells, they can clog the pores on my skin. When that happens, it might cause blemishes like pimples or acne and other skin problems.

After using this product, I have felt that my skin is refined and smoother. 

The effect is a bit different from the mild cleanser. For this product, the skin feels as though it has been renewed with a layer of the dirt being removed. If you have the habit of using scrub, you will understand what I am talking about here. As for the mild product, the skin will feel hydrated as though a layer of moisture has been locked in it.

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