13 January 2013

Review about TruLife Lingzhi Immunity (Sponsored)

As promised, this is a short review of my favourite item in Jan's VanityTrove Box, TruLife Lingzhi Immunity.

More about TruLife Lingzhi Immunity

No of bottles per Box: 10 bottles x 50g

Price: $58.80

Available At: OG and selected medical stores

Suitable for: People above the age of 6

Product Description: This is a concentrated health supplement drink for people who  feel frazzled by hectic schedules or wish to improve your general well-being

It contains:

A high concentration of 100% Lingzhi spore powder
Red Dates Extract
Longan Extract
Wolfberries Extract
Gan Chao Extract
Vitamins  B1B2, B6 and C,
and Niacin

I am a bit surprised that this product is made in Singapore.

The reason why I choose to review this product is because it is not just a health supplement drink for suppler skin. In fact, it can also improve one’s immunity system.

I am glad that this product contains Lingzhi spore powder, Red Dates Extract, Longan Extract and Wolfberries Extract. For your information, Linzhi offers health benefits such as liver protection, lowering of cholesterol levels and fatigue reduction. Red Dates and Longans are beneficial for promoting better blood circulation while Wolfberries are good in improving good eyesight. With so many healthy TCM(Traditional Chinese Medicine) ingredients in this supplement drink, I cannot help but wish to try out this product. By the way, I do think that we should be taking care of our health as money really cannot buy good health.

This product reminds me of “collage drink”  but with a slight bitter aftertaste probably because it contains 100% Lingzhi spore powder. Although Lingzhi has many beneficial health benefits, it is known for its bitter taste.

As I am used to the bitterness of the Chinese Medicine, I do not find it hard to swallow. However, if you are not used to TCM Taste, you will probably find it unpleasant to drink. By the way, it contains Red Dates, Longan  and Wolfberries Extract--- Good for promoting better blood circulation and improving good eyesight. This is really a supplement drink that I need as I often feel lethargic during day time. I cannot really comment about the effects of this product as there is only a bottle of this bottle in the VanityTrove Box. To really sense the health benefits of this supplement drink, I might have to finish a box of this product (10 bottles) though. Nevertheless, you can still check out the FAQ of this product here:  http://www.trulife.com.sg/index.php/products_qa/show/9#lingzhi-immnunity

Lastly, please remember to check out TruLife’s website: http://www.trulife.com.sg/ for more Promotions and Product Updates.

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