09 December 2012

ZA のTokyo Limited Edition Collection

News Flash: *****ZA Cosmetics has launched in Japan in September this year, with plans to increase to 300 stores by the end of 2012.****

ZA-Isn’t it a Japanese Brand? Why is it that this brand has just been launched in Japan this year?

I am sure that everyone (including me) is surprised by this piece of news. Although ZA is currently available at 6000 retail points in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and New Zealand, it is not available in in Japan since it’s launched in 1997.

By the way, I have almost forgotten to mention that I have heard this information at ZA Bloggers’ Event at Zero Zero at Central.

 For your information, Zero Zero is an Japanese Fusion Restaurant. Check out the exquisite desert and Apple Tea that have been served.

In celebration with ZA’S launch in Japan, ZA will be launching のTokoyo Limited Edition Collection from 1st Nov 2012.

More about ZAのTokyo Limited Edition Collection

Launched Date: 1st Nov 2012

Price: $33.50 (Total Value: $60-over 44% savings)

Available: At all Watsons stores

Consists of:

Limited edition Ed Tsuwaki Case

2 Perfect-Fit 2-way foundation refills*
(*8 different sets for 8 shades of Perfect Fit Two-way Foundation Refills)
1 Free ZA の  Nippon Tote Bag

Exclusively Collaboration:

Receive a limited edition brand book with purchase of ZAのTokyo Limited Edition Collection
Japanese styling workshop with ZA & Lowrys Farm!

More about the Tsuwaki Case

Design by: Ed Tsuwaki

Background about the Designer:

Born in Hiroshima in 1966
Started working as a versatile creator specializing in drawing, painting, illustration, art direction, graphic designing etc
Known for his characteristic figures featuring long-necked women

Inspiration behind the Tsuwaki Case:

Girls of Tokyo are leaders of Asian contemporaries
Tokyo girls love cute things, fashion & shopping
Geniuses at making themselves shine
The case encompasses the charm of Tokyo girls in their upbeat world
Tokyo Metropolitan Beauty Girl who’s looking and feeling chic. Surrounded by Japanese elements

Isn’t the case and tote bag kawaii? I particularly like the colourful design as it uplifts my spirit whenever I used the foundation and the tote bag.

Since I have already reviewed the ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation before, I shall not include it at this post. For the review of ZA Perfect Fit Two-Way Foundation review, please refer to: Review of ZA Perfect Two-Way Foundation Review

Lastly, do remember to like ZA Page https://www.facebook.com/zacosmeticssingapore  and ZA Instagram: zacosmetics #za cosmetics for more Promotions and Product Updates.

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