02 December 2012

Reviews of Suisse Programme New Cellular Boosting Series (Sponsored)

Will you like to have a clear and bright complexion? I definitely do as I have an uneven and dull skin tone (particularly because I am fair). That is why I am so excited when SASA invites me to write a review for the Suisse Programme New Cellular Boosting Series.

More about Suisse Programme New Cellular Boosting Series

With the introduction of Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Solution in 2012, it has received many compliments from the satisfied product users. They are pleased with how a few drops of the solution can help defy aging skin.

Exclusively Available at : SASA

Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Solution has won many awards including: 

CozyCot Holy Grail Beauty & Fashion Awards 2011 Singapore- Winner of Editor’s Choice for Favourite Daily Skincare Essence 
and Cosmopolitan Best of the Best Beauty Awards 2010 -2nd Runner-up in the “Best Booster/ Pre-Treatment Product” category.

The Series contain:

Biodynamic Cellular Complex
-diminishes the effect of dull skin
-delaying the skin aging process
-regenerates more collagen in the cells 
-and strengthening its defence system to fight against free radicals.

More about Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Solution

Size: 130ml

Price: $129

To be applied: Morning and evening, apply after toner and before serum on thoroughly cleansed face and neck.

Product Description: It combines the power and effectiveness of three high-tech formulas to help banish signs of skin fatigue and dullness

Effect: A radiant and luminous complexion.

It contains:

Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC) 

Triple Action Boosting Complex: Detoxyl, Protease, Eclaline
-Detoxify, Boosting and improves micro circulation

Exclusive Moisture Infusing Complex: Fucogel and Lipidure
-long lasting hydrating power, protects the skin and decreases the irritation

When I first tried out this product, I am already impressed by non-oily texture.

Although I will like to have a clear complexion, the least thing that I will like is a product that will clog the pores on my combination skin. When that happens, I will tend to have more blemishes such as white and black heads or even acnes and pimples. Rest assured that you will not be experiencing this type of effect on my skin---I haven’t got any major breakouts ever since I have used this product.

Amazingly, this product is able to be absorbed into my skin readily without any hesitation.

After this product has been absorbed into my skin, my hand feels very smooth. What I really like about this product is that I will not have any “sticky after effect” on my skin. In fact, my face feels as if no lotion has been applied on my skin. After applying this lotion, my face looks brighter as though this lotion has added more vitality to my skin.

More about Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Serum

Size: 50ml

Price: $189

To be applied: Apply every morning and evening on a cleansed face and neck.

Product Description: This feather light serum stimulates cell renewal process and promotes skin hydration

Used After: Cellular Boosting Solution


All visible signs of aging such as fine lines, expression lines, loss of firmness and an uneven skin tone are intensively corrected.
Skin looks firm and bright after use

It contains:

Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC)

Triple Action Boost – Lift Complex: Matrixyl 3000, Platactiv Centella and OSILIFT
-Instant smoothing and lifting effects, Anti-wrinkle

Sodium RNA
-Stimulates cell renewal process

Usage: Apply few drops and lightly massage until complete absorption

This serum texture is that of a white non-oily fluid. 

It glides on my skin quite well and provide a instant hydration effect on my face. If you have been following my blog, you will know that I like any product that can provide lasting moisture on my skin. In my opinion, hydration can help to balance the sebum on my skin and therefore reducing the blemishes. That is why I will recommend this product to women out there who have a combination skin just like me.

I really have to mention about the anti-aging effect of this product. After applying this product, I really feel that my skin is much pumped up as though there is an instant smoothing effect. 

Lines are less visible after a period of continuous usage. 

More about Suisse Programme Cellular Boosting Day Cream

Size: 50ml

Price: $149


To be applied: in the morning after cleansing and toning

Used: after applying Cellular Boosting Solution and Cellular Boosting Serum.

Product Description: This luxurious day cream keeps skin perfectly hydrated, alleviates dryness and the feeling of tightness.

Effect: It promotes an even complexion and leaves skin feeling replenished and revitalized.

It contains:

Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC) 

Rovisone Ace
-Prevents premature aging and regenerates the skin

-Anti-inflammation and Hydrating Effect

Usage: Smooth over face and neck before sun exposure. 

The texture of this product is slightly moisturized as compared to most of the day creams that I have tried before.

Therefore, you can be well-assured that it will provide a hydrating effect on your skin.

This product has a SPF factor of 30 and should only be used in the day time. For the morning routine, please use the solution, the serum, followed by the day cream. Likewise, for the evening routine, please use only the solution and the serum. If this product is used in the evening time, it will definitely clog your pores because it contains SPF.

Unlike some of the day cream out there, the bottle of this product is that of the pump design instead of the normal tub design.

This is definitely a bonus because I do not have to scoop the product from the tub. I just have to pump out the cream which is so easy and convenient to use.

Although Suisse Programme New Cellular Boosting Series is a bit pricey, it is able to correct my uneven skin tone while providing the hydrating and anti-aging effect that my skin needs. 

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