09 December 2012

Review of Sexylook Brightening Duo Lifting Mask (Sponsored)

Have dull and uneven skin tone? Don’t worry. Here comes a mask from Sexylook that is able to brighten up your skintone.

More about Sexylook Brightening Duo Lifting Mask

No of pieces/Box: 5 pieces

Retail price: $8.80

It contains:

Malachite, Peptide-5 and Platinum Nano Particles-reducing fine lines and wrinkle
Tranexamine acid, Hyaluronic acid, Aloe Vera, West Indian Cherry Extract and Vitamin C-Brightening Effect


Fit the mask onto the face
Pull the hook at the two sides to the ear
Pull the hook at the chin up to the ear
You can massage the face while waiting for the mask for 15-20 minute to maximize absorption.

I always love Sexylook Mask because it is made of sketch able material that does not break easily. This is quite important though as the mask should fit my face nicely. Personally, I do find it hard to adjust the mask when it is being broken into pieces. When that happens, the serum from the Mask might not be able to reach certain part of my face, particularly the gap between the various (broken) masks pieces.

When I first opened up the packaging, the mask sheet is dipping with quite a substantial amount of serum. 

That is maybe the reason why I find that the texture of this mask is quite moisturizing though. After applying this mask, I do find that my face has brightened up, with the uneven skin tones slightly corrected. I am also delighted to find that my face feels softer and more supple too.

I will strongly encourage you to apply this mask at least 2 times per week. In my opinion, the serum from the mask is able to replenish the moisture that my face, especially in such a hot and humid weather like Singapore.

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