09 December 2012

Review of Naruko Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Jelly Lotion (Sponsored)

Naruko has always been one of my skincare brands ever since I have started using Raw Job’s Tear Whitening Lotion. For your information, this product improves my dull skin condition. That is why I so excited when Naruko Singapore invites me to write a review for Naruko Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Jelly Lotion

More about Naruko Rose & Botanic HA Aqua Cubic Jelly Lotion

Size: 120ml

Price: $23.90

Suitable: For all skin type, especially dry skin

Available at: Naruko Singapore Website- http://www.naruko.sg/

Texture: Special jelly-like texture

Product Description: This is a product which is specially designed to penetrate deep and moisturize dry skin instantly.

Note: It is a more advanced toner which is made with formula of a serum

It contains:

3 types of rose extract: Bulgarian rose, French Rose and Rose Azalea

-moisturise the skin
-provide repairing and anti-aging effects
-promotes a healthy glow and brightens up skin
-gets rid of dryness from the inside out

Xylitol glucosidases-locks in moisture
Snow Fungus Extract-provide endless moisture and brightens up skin
Hyaluronic Acid and White Willow Bark Extract-work together to soothe and moisture the curtin

Usage: After daily cleansing, take out 2 drops of the jelly lotion and apply it evenly on the face until it is fully absorbed.

***The product is highly concentrated and is not recommended for use with cotton pads. Gently apply it onto the face and massage it thoroughly.

I always like the wonderful smell of Rose but sometimes it can be too overbearing. Though this product contains 3 types of rose extract, the rose fragrance is quite mild and not too strong. In fact, once the gel is being absorbed into the skin, you can hardly smell the rose fragrance.  That is why this product is also acceptable for people who do not like the rose fragrance.

Unlike the other skincare lotion in the market, the texture of this product is in gel form.

And the amazing thing is that it will transform into lotion (and serum) after being absorbed.

Since this lotion has the advance properties of the toner, please do not use this product with the cotton pads. If you are a fan of Naruko products, you would have known that Naruko Creator, the ever renowned master skincare Guru, Niu Er Lao Shi will always encourage us to use lotion with the cotton pads with lotion. In my opinion, the texture of this Jelly Lotion is more inclined towards the texture of the serum. And that is why we do not use the Gel Lotion with cotton pad.

I really have to mention about the hydrating properties about this product.

Despite providing adequate moisture to my skin, I am glad that it does not leave a sticky oily feeling thereafter. Instead, my face feels softened and hydrating with a soothing, refined texture.

 It feels as if the product has penetrated into the deeper layers instead of hydrating the surface of the skin.

Therefore, I will recommend this product to people with dry skin or even combination skin like me whose cheek area tends to be dryer and dehydrated.

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