02 December 2012

Review of Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Gel-Super Moisture (Sponsored)

In this post, I will be writing a review for Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Gel.

My first encounter with Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Gel begins several years ago when there is an opportunity for me to redeem its sample through the online Platform of Cozycot. At that time, I was already impressed by the moisturizing texture of the Aqua Gel. 

And now, Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua Gel has a counter at Takashimaya Level 1.  

More about Dr. Ci:Labo

Through unrelenting dedication and years of clinical research by the skin care specialists, they have created a range of basic cosmetics that can be used with confidence by both young and old, male and female, alike to tackle various skin problems. These basic cosmetics are the Doctor’s cosmetics, that is to say, Dr. Ci:Labo. They want nothing more than to be able to help everyone have a glowing healthy, vibrant life.


Simple:  A simple skin care routine using natural ingredients as much as possible.
- No ingredients designated by law as being potentially harmful, No artificial additives, petroleum-based surfactants or artificial fragrances.
- Products are easy to use

Results: The effects become apparent the more the products are used
- The effects can be felt immediately
- Products are effective as they can be used safely for extended periods of time. 

Science: Using the very latest scientific technology
- Leading research and cutting-edge technology
- Tapping into the powers of nature

More about Dr. Ci:Labo Aqua-Collagen-Gel: Super Moisture

Sizes: 50g and 120g

Prices: $65 (for 50g) & $130 (for 120g)

Used: twice a day, morning and evening

Product Description: This product gives your skin the power the rejuvenate itself, leading to a firm healthy-looking skin

It contains: 

naturally-derived gel- superior affinity for the skin,
marine collagen-moisturizes the skin 
hyaluronic acid- moisturizes the skin
vitamin C -derivatives that suppress melanin synthesis
extracts from plant mixtures -action is similar to that of the placenta
large amounts of seaweed extracts- rich in minerals to activate cells.

Product Features: It

contains no Artificial Colorings, Fragrances, or Surfactants designated by law as being potentially harmful
Great permeability- maximizing the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen, almost 100% Dermal Respiration 
Perfect Moisture Retention Ability 
Rich in nourishment such as minerals, etc. essential for the skin.


Re-hydrates the skin • Moisture Retention • Maintains Dermatological Homeostasis 
Enhances Metabolism • Enhances Circulation • Maximizes the Skin's Innate Healing Powers 
Improves and Prevents Blemishes • Dullness • Wrinkles • Dark Lines under the Eyes • Prevents Skin 
Alleviates Symptoms of Eczema • Sensitive Skin • Combats Dry Skin
Prevents the Action of Everyday UV Rays • SOD action by natural SOD Agents such as Plant Extracts and VC Derivatives contained in the gel.


Gently pat the Aqua Gel on the face. Do not rub it in. 

I appreciate the design of the container of this product as it has a mini compartment to store the spatula . 

For your information, a lot of skincare products have this small tool to pick up the cream or gel due to hygiene reasons. We cannot deny the fact that our hands contain lot of germs even if they are clean. If we use our hands to pick up the product, we might contaminate the rest of the cream or gel and transfer these germs on our face. Surely we do not want this to happen.  That is why I will advise you to use this mini tool to pick up the Aqua Gel. And now, I need not worry about misplacing this mini tool since I can store it in the product tub.

I like the texture of this product as it is in Gel Form.

This type of texture work wonders for my combination skin as it will not be too oily for my T-zone Area. At the same time, it will provide adequate moisture for my face, especially the dry cheekbone areas. 

This is demonstrated by the fact my face still looks as if the aqua gel has just been absorbed into my skin even though 30 seconds has passed by after application.

I will strongly recommend this product for people of all skin type, especially dry and oily skin.

I really have to mention about the natural ingredients of this product. As Aqua Gel is a gift from nature that gently encompasses the skin, you can well-assured that it will not be too harsh for your skin. More-ever, it does not contain any Artificial Colourings, Fragrances, or Surfactants, making this product suitable for people with sensitive skin.

In fact, this product can even also alleviate symptoms of Eczema too. For me, I will also use this product to improve the dark lines under my lines. Since the areas under the eyes are very delicate, this will show the mild nature of this product. 

This product has another interesting feature-It is able to maximize the skin’s ability to absorb oxygen and therefore improve the blood circulation of the skin. When that happens, chances are that you will have a brighter and more radiant complexion even without makeup. Till now, I have using this product for quite sometimes and have been quite happy with the hydrated and radiant that I have.

Lastly, please like Singapore Website : http://www.ci-labo.com.sg/  and FB Page 

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