23 December 2012

Review of AMPM C12 Two Step Line Reducing Set (Sponsored)

Troubles over skin imperfections such as lines and wrinkles? Want a product that contains Vitamin C-an antioxidant that can slow down the rate of radical damage?

Here comes an anti-aging product set from AMPM that contains a high concentration of Vitamin C at 12%.

MORE ABOUT AMPM C12 Ultimate Line Reducing Set.

Price: $49

It comprises: 

Step 1: C12 Ultimate Line Reducer -Highly concentrated serum

Step 2: Vitamin C Serum Enhancer-Professional grade enhancer

It contains:

Vitamin C microcapsules
Noni extract
Multi-Plant extracts
Hyaluronic Acid
Vitamin B5

Product Description: This is a highly concentrated Vitamin C (of 12%) skincare Set which provide the dual effect of Whitening and Anti-aging

Effect: It improves dullness, brightens dark spots, melts out the fine lines and gives back the skin its natural resilience.

More about AMPM C12 Ultimate Line Reducer

For: Brightening and conditioning of skin

It contains: 

Vitamin C and collagen- to repair skin and help prevent melanin

Usage: After using night-time skincare products, squeeze out a dime sized amount and spread it evenly around the face and neck

As mentioned in the product description above, this set contains 2 products: C12 Ultimate Line Reducer and Vitamin C Serum Enhancer-Professional grade enhancer. The textures of these 2 products are rather different. For the Ultimate Line Reducer, it has a gel like texture that can smooth out the lines on my face. 

And the fragrance of this product reminds me of that of the freshness of oranges. This is really the mildest Vitamin C Product that I have ever encountered although it has a high concentration at 12%. I have not encountered any dryness or irritation upon using this product. In fact, the ultimate line reducer solely is able to melt out the fine lines without any hydrating effects. That is why you need to remember to follow up with the Step 2 Product of Serum Enhancer thereafter.

After applying this product on my face, I do notice that my skin has a smoother and radiant texture. At the same time, my skin also seems to be firmer and more pumped up instantly.

More about AMPM Vitamin C Serum Enhancer

Relieving the skin instantly and increasing the skin's absorbency

It contains:

Amethyst trace elements-to open up the invisible path under your skin that allows for complete absorption of the Vitamin C.

Usage: After using the PM C12 Ultimate line reducer, squeeze out a dime sized amount of the enhancer serum and spread it evenly around the face and the neck.

The texture of the Serum Enhancer is slightly different from the Ultimate Line Reducer. In comparison, the Serum Enhancer has a watery and moisturized texture.

That is probably the reason why there are 2 steps in this line reducing set. The  Ultimate Line Reducer will melt out the lines while the Serum Enhancer  will provide the hydrating effects that aging skin needs. 

Therefore, do remember to use Step 1 followed by Step 2 without skipping any steps.

Some people might be allergic or have an adverse reaction to products that contain Vitamin C.  If you encountered any irritations or discomfort, reduce the amount of products used. Do test out this product set on your face for around 14 days. After using it for 2 weeks without any problems, it can be used twice a day (day and night) for the best results. 

By the way, I have forgotten to mention about the other dual effect that this product offers. It is able to brighten up my dull skin tones. 

Therefore, I will highly recommend this set for ladies out there who are concerned with lines and uneven skin tones.

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