01 December 2012

Matt and Matt with Dejavu

On a Saturday morning, I am being invited to Dejavu Event at Cozycot Retail Store.

I am pretty excited about it as I have used one of their star products, the Dejavu Fiberwig Extra Long Mascara before.

This product really makes my lashes Extra Long without any smudging. However, in this post, I will be focusing only on the 4 products of Dejavu,namely:

Dejavu Lash Serum
Dejavu Control Serum
Dejavu Mini Pact (2 shades)
And Hatomugi Skin Conditioner 

While waiting for other bloggers to arrive, I take the opportunity to test out some of the Dejavu Products on display.

I am particularly interested in the product of Dejavu Control Serum as I often find that my T-zone Area is oily at the end of the day. That is rather frustrating for me as I prefer a Matt Look personally.

Soon the Event begins with a brief introduction of Dejavu, followed by a skincare and the makeup demo.

I shall not go into the details but one can really see a difference before and after makeup.

Below are the details and reviews of the 4 Dejavu Products:

More about Lash Serum

For: Daily Care, apply twice a day (morning and evening) before emulsion.

Product Description: This is an eyelash enriching serum

Product Features:

Eyelash care for longer, thicker, more bewitching eyelashes
Coats each and every eye lashes for fuller, sturdier eyelashes
Skin friendly brush-tip bud

Tip: If combining with eyelash make-up, let the serum dry first

Using the white bud of the brush-tip, apply to above and below the very base of the eyelashes
Fully coat the whole eyelash, gently brushing upwards, as if applying mascara.

Effect: Everyday usage will improve the effects of makeup, with longer, thicker eye-lashes.

Short Review:
Easy and convenient to apply

Non-irritating for eyes

Repair eyelashes damage for long and thicker usages
Only drawback is that you must have patient to use this product regularly to see the effect.

More about Control Serum

Size: 10g

Product Description: This is a product that absorbs excess skin oils to prevent make-up run and stickiness

For: daily Usage, just before makeup in the morning and in the evening

Product Features:

Can be used as a make-up base with a single application in the morning for smooth non-shiny skin
Contains an active oil clearing ingredient that soaks up oil like a sponge
Adheres naturally and comfortably to the skin for all-day non-shininess and preventing make-up

Effect: Continued everyday usage will prevent the need for cosmetic touch-up.

Short Review:
Smooth Texture

After absorption, skin initially become hydrating and slowly turns to a Matt finish

Make-up is not that oily after a long day of wearing makeup.
Can dual as makeup base in the morning and oil control serum at night.

More about Minipact

Colour: 2 shades, Bright Tone and Natural Tone

Product Description: This is a makeup retouching and refreshing powder

SPF: 31 pa++

Product Features:

Soft Cushion Powder fills in and adheres to skin where makeup has faded and skin tones appear uneven
Light coverage and natural looking yet covers pores for a translucent finish
Auto-shine Powder absorbs skin-oil and radiates for a flawless, smooth complexion that lasts for hour

Can be used as a foundation
Comes with soft, blending Marshmallow Puff

Usage Tips:

The puff:-The secret to a clear finish is to lightly tap the Marshmallow Puff

To transfer 
powder to the puff- Tissue off excess oil. Gently tap the puff on the powder from above, do nor rub the puff into the powder
powder to the face: Gently tap the puff on the skin for light coverage; do not slide the puff against the skin

Short Review:
Easy to use Marshmallow puff that picks up the powder easily

Do not slide the puff against the skin but to tap it for light coverage. If not. The powder will appears to be cakey
Provides some coverage for imperfections. But, if you have serious problems like acnes, please use foundation before that

Smooth and Matt Finish

Skin tone becomes even and translucent as though no makeup has been applied  

More about Hatomugi Skin Conditioner

Size: 500ml

Exclusively: Available at SASA

Promotion at SASA: Free a pack of cotton facial pads with every purchase of Hatomugi skin Conditioners

It contains:

Hatomugi (better known as Job’s Tears)

Product Description: Traditional Japanese skin healer spot and freckle remover, complexion –Lighter and general beautifier

Multi-Purpose of this Product:

It can be used as a:

A fast absorbing and non-sticky moisturizing lotion
Moisturizing mist for face and body
Excellent after-sun moisturizer
Daily replenishing treatment as a deep hydrating mask


Put generous amount of Hatomugi lotion onto cotton pads and apply as facial mask for approximately 5-10 minutes daily

Can be used to soothe skin after sunburn with cooling and tightening effect
Can be kept in a spray bottle and used as a facial and body mist
Used generously after shower or bath by lighting patting lotion into skin.


Nourishes, enhances and maintains the skin’s balance
Improves skin’s clarity, suppleness and texture
Recommended to use after sun exposure to soothe burning sensation

Short Review:
My favourite product as it has many usages, particularly I can use it as a deep hydrating facial Mask every day
Other usage include as a moisturizing lotion and mist
More economical as the price is only $10.50 (if I remembered correctly) for 500ml Bottle. Exclusively at SASA Singapore
Must use special cotton pad that can separately and used as Masksheet. This Special Type of Cotton Pad can be bought from either SASA or Muji.

Great for women who like to put on Masks  to achieve radiant skin every day
Please be generous with the cotton pad and try to cover the entire face for each application.

Here comes a contest:

Date: From now -25th Dec 2012

Simply upload a picture of "Before & After look" of yourself Using Dejavu Products to dejavu@pias.com.sg and tell us what you love about Dejavu!

The 3 most creative entries with the most "likes" wins $150 worth of Dejavu Products!

Lastly, please like Dejavu FB Page https://www.facebook.com/dejavu.singapore for more Promotions and Product Info.

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