18 November 2012

Reviews of BRTC Stemcell Masks (Sponsored)

I always like to apply Facial Masks on my face because I do think that they contain the essential nutrients that my aging skin needs. It’s always a good practice to apply the Facial Masks on our face few times a week as our skin will really need these occasional fix.

Recently, I have tried various Stemcell Masks from BRTC and these are the reviews. 

More about the BRTC Stemcell Mask

No of Masks/ Box: 5 pieces

Price: $25.00

Available: Exclusively at SASA


Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask
Green Tea Stem Stem Cell Mask
Rice Stem Cell Mask
Zinnia Stem Cell Mask
Ginseng Stem Cell Mask
Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask

Product Description: It is made of lyocell fibers with 100% natural, biodegradable, and skin-affinitive cellulose.

More about Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask

Product Description: This is a Purifying mask infused with revitalizing energy

Product Function: It boosts the skin’s metabolism and revitalizes stressed, congested skin for a brighter, healthier complexion.

It contains:

Morning glory callus extract 
and botanical extracts 

In comparison, I do find that BRTC Steam Cell Mask is less sticky on my face, maybe because of the natural, biodegradable materials used. It is made of lyocell fibers and able to fit my face nicely.

What I really like about this mask is that they are quite elastic and do not tear easily. As usual, the masks are packed in individual sachets and each box actually contains a total of 5 masks..   

If you are currently suffering from stress skin, you should use this mask to boost your skin metabolism. 

Like me, I always have the habit of sleeping late during the weekend even though I have constantly reminds myself not to do so. And, I will wake up to a tired-looking skin early next morning. That is when I will apply the Morning Glory Stem Cell Mask on my skin. 

More about Green Tea Stem Stem Cell Mask

Product Description: This is a soothing mask infused with cooling and soothing energy 

Product Function: It extracts quickly sooth sensitive, reddish skin while showering with cooling moisture for a healthier, purer complexion.

It contains:

Green tea callus extract and 
other botanical soothing 

If you are currently looking for a mask that can soothe your skin, this maybe the mask that you should be applying, especially in such a hot and humid weather like Singapore. 

More about Rice Stem Cell Mask

Product Description: This is a concentrated serum infused with skin-brightening rice callus extract!

Product Function: It eliminates skin dullness and skin tone for a more translucent and flawless complexion.

It contains:

Rice callus extract and 
other skin-brightening botanical ingredients 

Do you suffer from uneven skin tones?  If you do, this might be the right mask for you.

After applying this mask, I do find that my complexion has become more translucent and improve in terms of clarity

More about Zinnia Stem Cell Mask

Product Description: This is an Oil-controlling and anti-blemish mask

Product Function: It quickly relieves irritating and sensitive skin while controlling excessive sebum for a purer, clearer complexion.

It contains:

Zinnia callus extract
and botanical ingredients

Irritating skin with blemishes can be so annoying. Here comes a mask that will relieve irritating and sensitive skin for a clearer complexion.

As I do not have much blemishes on my face, I really cannot comment on its effectiveness.

More about Ginseng Stem Cell Mask

Product Description: This is a mask infused with powerful regenerative energy and nutrients of ginseng stem cells!

Product Function: It nurtures and improves mature, damaged skin for a healthier and more luminous complexion.

It contains:

Ginseng stem cells
and other nutrients

Korea is famous for producing Ginseng which has many good benefits for health. Imagine if you can apply Ginseng on your face, so that it nurtures your mature, damaged skin for a healthier complexion.

More about Edelweiss Stem Cell Mask

Product Description: This is a concentrated serum mask infused with abundant moisture from edelweiss callus extract!

Product Function: It replenishes lost moisture of dry, rough skin while imparting their vital energy for a softer and more vibrant complexion.

It contains:

Edelweiss callus extract 
and other botanical moisturizing extracts

Amongst these 5 masks, this is definitely my favourite as I always like Hydrating Masks. 

For your information, having adequate moisture will surely control the excessive oil secretion on my face. That is why I always make sure that I apply hydrating masks at least once a week.

Please remember that BRTC Stem Cell Masks are exclusively available at SASA.
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