04 November 2012

Reviews of BRTC Multi Vital 10 System Line (Sponsored)

As promised (at the reviews of BRTC BB Cream), I will be reviewing the BRTC Multi Vital 10 System Line in this post. For reviews of BRTC BB Cream, do check out the post here.

More about BRTC Multi Vital 10 System Line

Available: Exclusively at SASA

Line Description: It is the whitening line of BRTC that revises dull skin tone to be even and gorgeous. 

Product Features: It contains more than 10% of various vitamin complexes (the highest concentrated within the entire product line) such as 

vitamin B5, 
vitamin E
vitamin F 
and vitamin-B3 effective to brighten and illuminate dull and dark skin

This Line contains BRTC: 

Vitalizer White Soap
Vitalizer fluid
Bright eye Vitalizer Cream
Vitalizer C 10 Ampoule
Vitalizer White Gel 
Vitalizer White Cream
Vitalizer Mask

(Sequence of usage in the daily skincare routine except for the mask.)

More about BRTC Vitalizer White Soap

Size: 200ml 

Price: $35

Product Description: It is a cleanser that combines excellent cleansing power with skin-brightening vitamins for an illuminating complexion.

Product Function: It maintains moisturized skin without feeling tight (even after washing face) by 

creating a moist film
and cleaning the skin by small vitamin capsules while washing.

I do not really like to use Korean skincare products as I have rather bad experiences using them. But, I have been using BRTC line of products for around 2 weeks. Surprisingly, it really changes my mind about Korean skincare Products. So far, BRTC whitening products have not caused any breakouts on my face while illuminating my skin for a brighter and fairer complexion.

The texture of this product is in Gel Foam with small bubbles in it.

At first, I thought that this is just normal bubbles. However, after reading more about the product description, I start to realize that the bubbles are actually vitamin capsules that can brighten up my uneven and dull skin tone. Imagine starting the whitening regime from the very first step of cleansing. After washing my face, I do notice my skin has become smoother in terms of texture. 

As for the color of my skin tone, it has illuminated slightly with the yellowish dull colour slightly reduced. 

More about BRTC Vitalizer fluid

Size: 120ml

Price: $39

Product Description: It is a Vitamin toner which brightens up the skin tone.

Product Function: It

penetrates deep inside skin to provide intensive whitening
adds vitality and
controls imbalance within the skin
and provides abundant moisture to create clean and clear skin

The texture of this toner is a transparent fluid.

 Unlike some of the toner in the market, I do like its non-sticky texture. After applying it to my skin, I have noticed that my skin is much moisturizing and revitalizing.

More about BRTC Bright eye Vitalizer Cream


Price: $35

Product Description: It is a Vitamin spot balm for intensive whitening on dark imperfections and damaged skin spots 

Product Function: It
gives off refreshing feeling 
helps intensive melanin care 
and skin restoration to transform dark complexion into a bright one. 

When I first opened this product, I am really surprised to see the packaging. I am expecting to see a tube of eye cream but what awaits me is a stick type of packaging which resemblances that of the lip balm or perfume stick.

I admit that I like this packaging because I find it so handy and convenient to use—Just glide this product on the eyes. To me, it’s more like an Eye Gel rather than an Eye Cream. After the application of this product for around 2 weeks, I do find that my eye area has slightly brighten up, reducing the contrast of colour between the dark eye circles and my face complexion.

In this way, my dark eye circles will be less prominent and I will not look as tired as before.  

More about BRTC Vitalizer C-10 Ampoule



Product Description:  It is an Ampoule with 10% of vitamin C for skin tone upgrade and vitalization

Product Function: It helps to provide intensive whitening care inside for the skin by moisturizing and supplying the nutrient to the skin for a clearer complexion.

It’s the first time that I have used Ampoule in my daily skincare Regime. Most of the time, I have only experience the effectiveness of the Ampoule when the therapist apply it on my skin when I am doing a facial. For your information, Ampoules are typically small, glass containers that are filled with a concentration of highly active ingredients. Although this product contains a high percentage of 10% of vitamin C, I am really glad that my skin does not have any active reaction to it like rashes.

That is why this product is suitable for people who really want an intensive whitening treatment product in their skincare routine. In fact, I can really see a difference in my skin tone---My skin has become slightly brighter with a radiance glow.

More about BRTC Vitalizer White Gel



Product Description: It is a whitening functional gel which contains vitamin capsules at a concentration of 10%

Product Function: It

makes clear and bright skin with intensive care on blemishes caused by pigment 
and allows dry, crumbly skin to be moist and smooth and also provides vitality to dull skin.

This is another product of BRTC Whitening Line that contains the vitamin capsules.

Amongst all the products in this line, this is definitely my favorite. Not only has it provided the whitening functions to brighten up my skin, it also provides a deep hydration layer on my skin. The texture of this product is in between the Gel and the watery texture. 

After the application of this product, my skin has become moisturized and more radiant.

More about BRTC Vitalizer White Cream

Size: 50ml


Product Description: It is a concentrated vitamin cream which supplies abundant nutrient to the skin and increase its brightness and firmness 

Product Function: It 

prevents skin damage 
provides intensive lifting care to remove shadows of winkles. 
And increases skin flexibility to brighten and firm up skin rough from malnutrition and stress. 

This is a cream that is able to brighten up my dull complexion. It is easily absorbed into my skin.The texture of this cream is non-oily.

 My skin does feel softer after the application. 

More about Vitalizer Mask

Size: 20ml*5

Price: $30

Product Description: It is a Whitening functional mask which contains more than 10% of vitamin

Product Function: It helps in

melanin care 
anti oxidation
and softly removes dead skin cells to create moist and smooth skin.

The texture of this mask is quite good as it does not break easily when sketched. In fact, it is able to fit on my face nicely.

Do try out this mask if you are looking for a whitening mask with vitamin complex of B3, B5.B6, C and E. 

After applying this mask, my face has become fairer and more radiant.

For best whitening results, please use the entire range of products in the BRTC Multi Vital 10 System Line.

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