10 November 2012

Review of Good Lab Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate (Sponsored)

If you are currently suffering from pigmentation problems such as dark spots or acne marks, chances are that you will have uneven skin tones. When that happens, you will tend to use a lot of concealer to “hide” these flaws. That is why women will like to have a product that can reduce the pigmentations on the face. 

Here comes a product--Good Lab Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate that can target on the dark spots on the skin.

More about Good Labs

GoodSkin Labs was created by BeautyBank, the entrepreneurial think tank of the Estee Lauder Companies dedicated to developing innovative new brand concepts worldwide.

To help fight dark spots “on the spot,” GoodSkin Labs introduces Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate.

More about Good Lab Equinol Dark Spot Concentrate

Size: 20ml

Price: $62

Available: At SASA

Product Description: This product helps to stop uneven skin tone for a naturally flawless complexion. 

Product Function: It

attacks uneven skin tone instantly and overtime
helps prevent new discolorations from forming

It contains:

Complex of SR12 and Vitamin C- help minimize the appearance of dark spots
Caffeine and Glycyrrhetic Acid -soothe skin to help reduce redness, skin irritation, a cause of hyperpigmentation
Salicylic Acid & Glucosamine- gently slough away dead skin cells and dark spots
Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Grapefruit Peel Extract- help provide skin with anti-oxidant protection
Sunflower Seek Cake, Barley Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract-help keep potential irritants at bay

Usage: Apply twice daily, morning and night to clean and dry skin on areas of discoloration. Avoid Eye area. Follow with sunscreen.

Amazing Result:

- 73% improvement in skin clarity 
- After 4 Weeks: 43% improvement in skin tone, 41% improved clarity 
- After 12 weeks: 55% reduction in visible size and color intensity of dark spots

The texture of this product is quite smooth. When I first apply on the skin, I can instantly feel a coolness sensation on my face.

What really surprises me is that this product is rather moisturizing and leaves a film of hydration film on my face after absorption.

A lot of the whitening products on the market are generally quite oily in terms of texture. But, this product is quite different as it is non-oily. I will refer it as a gel rather than a cream though. Do note to apply this product on your dry skin just before the usage of the sunscreen. 

As I do not have many dark spots on my face, I cannot comment much on its effectiveness to fight against these “discolorations”. But, I do notice that my skin has improved in terms of clarity as I have a brighter complexion now. 

I am glad that this product has improve the clarity of my skin as I need not have to apply so much liquid foundation on my face to cover up the uneven skin tone. 

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