11 November 2012

Neogence Media Event: Launch of Pore Solution Series

I am excited to be invited by SASA to the Neogence Media Event at Food for Thought @ Queen Street.

For your information, Neogence is one of my favourite skincare brands as it is a renowned lab-dermatological brand.

This event is organized for the launch of Neogence Pore Solution Series and the speaker of the event is Dr Hiseh

As mentioned by Dr Hiseh, there is no doubt that the weather in Singapore is hot & humid, causing our skin to be oily. When that happens, the pore will become bigger, resulting in facial problems like heads or acnes etc.

More about the Neogence Pore Solution Series

As the name of the Pore Solution Series implies, this set of Products is dedicated to:

improve the skin
remove the oily sheen problem
relieve problems such as, acnes, pimples, enlarged pores, and oily skin
moisten and smooth skin with its oil-free formula

This Series of Products has four skincare steps:

recuperating sebum-effective oil-controlled formula, deeply constrain 5α-reductase's validity, reducing the activity of the sebaceous gland, in order to keep oil levels controlled over time.
Active Ingredients: Sebaryl, Evermat

controlling germs-: a regulating extract to control germs in order to continuously narrow pores; a regulating antibiotic to prevent acnes and pimples.
  Active Ingredient : O-Cymen-5OL

dissolving heads- an oil-soluble and water-soluble complex acid which can soften horniness rapidly, accelerate excretion of old horniness; can also effectively dissolve blocked heads.

 Active Ingredients : Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, A.C. Net, Evermat

and rebuilding pores -helping enlarged pores to recover their elasticity; strengthening and tightening enlarged pores.
Active Ingredients : Laricyl, Witch Hazel Extract

Next up is the skin demo session by Dr Hisen, walking us through the benefit and usage of the Neogence Pore Solution Series.

Amongst these 4 products, I have received the Neogence Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum and Extremely Off-Heads Serum respectively as the door gift. Therefore, I will only be doing the reviews on these 2 products.

More about Neogence Pore Purifying Cleansing Gel

Size: 125ml

For: Daily Care

Product Function: This product deeply cleans pores, and removes dirt

Features of this Product:  Alkaline-Free and Oil-Free Formula, mild cleansing

More about Neogence Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum

Size: 30ml

For: Daily Care

Product Function:  This product controls the oil  secretion and avoid pore enlargement

It contains:

Witch Hazel Extract + B3 - Calm and Reduce Pores
LARCYL® :Tightens and Narrows Pores, Improving Enlarged Pore Problems

The texture of this product is like that of the transparent white liquid. 

The correct way to use it is to apply proper amount and gently massage it on the face and neck with fingertips after toning. Yes, please remember to massage this product gently on your face until it is being absorbed. At first, I am worried about massaging this product on my face as I am unsure about its absorption rate. Will it be too harsh on my face since I need to massage it until it is being absorbed into my face? Well, the fact is that the product is easily absorbed into my skin readily. An advice though: Please remember to use your middle or ring finger to massage this product on your face, so that the force of exertion will not be harsh on your delicate skin.

I have been using this product and Extremely Off-Heads Serum for around 3 weeks. So far, I am quite happy with their ability to tighten the pores on my combination skin.

I do find that my T-zone does not secrete as much oil as before as I have lesser breakouts of white and black heads. Even when I have gone for facial around 1 week ago, the facial therapist can remove the blemishes on my face easily without much pain during extraction. This is indeed good news for me because I am constantly being troubled by the blemishes on my T-zone area, particularly my nose.

More about Neogence Anti-Blemish Treatment Gel

Size: 50ml

For: Daily Care

Product Function: This product has an oil-controlled formula to reduce Sebum Secretion and Improve Glossy Problems

Features of this Product: Oil Free and Moisturizing, Leaving you Super Fresh All Day

It contains:

Witch Hazel Extract- Calm and Sooth Pores

More about Neogence Extremely Off-Heads Serum

Size: 15ml

For: Special Care

Feature of this product: Double efficiency in oil-controlled formula and maintain sebum excretion 

It contains: 

Complex Acid-dissolve acnes
Witch Hazel Extract-astringent pores

In my opinion, this product will work hand in hand with the Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum Product to control the oil on my skin. As this product contains multiple fruit acid formula to dissolve the acnes and pores, do remember to massage it only on areas with lots of acne. For me, I only apply it on my T-zone since I have a lot of blemishes on my forehead and nose. Although this product contains multiple fruit acid, rest assured that I have not experience any stringing sensation on my skin at all. In terms of texture, this product has a slightly sticky texture as compare to that of the Extreme Pore-Reducing Serum Product. 

However, like the Extreme Pore-Reducing, I only have to massage it gently on my skin until absorption without rubbing it forcibly onto my delicate skin.

The presentation ends with the Q & A Session when Dr Hiseh poses some questions about the Neogence Pore Solution Series.  Although I have not won any Neogence Products in this segment, I will like to congratulate all the winners.

Finally, Dinner is served. Check out the delicious food that is served.

Overall, I do have a lovely time at this event, learning more about the Neogence Pore Solution Series and enjoying the delicious buffet dinner that is served. 

Lastly, do note that Neogence Products are exclusively available at SASA. Please also remember to like SASA Singapore FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/SaSaSingapore for more Promotions and Product Updates.


A-Mao = 阿懋 said...

So happy surfing this blog because I'll get my Neogence items soon ~

Shorthairlady said...

Hi A-Mao,
Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I like the Neogence Pore Solution Series. In fact, I am still using it as its quite effective on my T-zone area, in its ability to control the oil secretion. Wonder which Neogence Products you will be getting? Do come back to my blog as I will have updates every now and then.