22 November 2012

Facial Treatment Session at GLOMAX Aesthetics – The Face Artistry (Sponsored)

Oh no! Lately, I have discovered that I have a lot of zits on my face due to my negligence and laziness. I admit that I do need an urgent facial treatment that will effectively remove and cure the blemishes from my skin. That is why I say yes when Hazel invites me for a facial trial with GLOMAX Aesthetics – The Face Artistry.

More about GLOMAX Aesthetics – The Face Artistry

Nestled six floors above the heart of Singapore's famous riverside Clarke Quay, GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry is everything a minimalist soho salon stands for: expertise, customization, modernity and cosiness. The commitment to your skin deserves only the best preventive and corrective treatments here for a radiant, flawless skin.

12 Eu Tong Sen St, #6-168, SOHO 2
The Central, Singapore 059819
(Beside Swissotel Merchant Court).

Tel : (65) 6225-5193              

Website: http://www.glomaxaesthetics.com/

After reaching the venue, I have an in-depth consultation with Evon Low, the Director of  GLOMAX Aesthetics.

She points out that I have a lot of blemishes on my T-zone Area and should be using a softener
to improve my skin condition. Initially, I thought that this is a procedure reserved only for the Customers who patron the Facial Saloon for the first time or renew the existing Facial Treatment Packages. But, Evon points out that that the in-depth consultation will be a routine procedure whenever the Customers visit GLOMAX Aesthetics during their Facial Treatment Session.

In my opinion, I do welcome such a personalized service. Don’t you agree that our face’s condition will differ monthly? And shouldn't we be using customized Facial Treatments to meet the specific needs of our skin as and when we visit the Facial Saloon? The answer is definitely yes  as our skin health needs monitoring every month.

Finally the facial treatment begins….

The first step is cleansing and followed by the diamond peel or rather the diamond micro dermabrasion, as they call it. This treatment invigorates cellular renewal to treat clogged, pigmented and sallow skin.

Next up is the usage of Sonic Cleanser to remove the blemishes on the surface of our skin. This action will lessen the pain that we encounter during extraction as the therapist will only need to remove those “stubborn” blemishes that remains on our skin after this procedure.

I always hate Extraction as it is so painful. But, I really appreciate the service of this therapist as she constantly asks me whether the pain of extraction is too excruciating for me. She also mentions that she will not be removing some stubborn blemishes that I have as they will leave scars behind.

After the painful process of extraction, the therapist goes out to blend a cocktail of vitamin to refresh the appearance of the skin by aligning cells in the top layer of the skin to achieve clean and radiant glow. For me, she has blended the following cocktail of vitamins:

Acne lotion (reduce inflammatory in acne, repair), Acne gel (anti-inflammatory, soften dead skin cells, regulate sebum), Comedo lotion (Soften blackheads, whiteheads, regulate sebum).

The therapist actually uses the Ultra-Sound Machine to penetrate this Cocktail of Vitamins into my skin.

And the therapist ends this Facial treatment Session with a Body massage and a Charcoal Mask. After the facial treatment, I do notice that my face is much more radiant and free of blemishes.

Frankly speaking, I do enjoy the Facial Treatment Session at GLOMAX Aesthetics as the therapist is quite professional in diagnosing and treating my skin during consultation and the Facial Session respectively. I will highly recommend you to try the Ultra-Sound as it is so soothing for the agitated skin after extraction.

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