21 October 2012

TK TrichoKare - “Who says It’s just Hair” Workshop

I have been invited to the TK TrichoKare “Who says It’s just Hair” Workshop organized by Cozycot.

Upon registration, I am being treated to a mini High Tea Buffet.

Finally, the event begins…..

The first part of the workshop touches on the female and male pattern hair loss respectively.

After reading through this PowerPoint slide, I do admit that I have some concerns about my hair loss problems on my hair crown area as well. That is why I seldom have long hair as short hair is easier to maintain.

More about TK TrichoKare

 TK TrichoKare is a holistic scalp and hair care centre since 2004.

They specialized in natural solution for hair loss, greasy scalp and dandruff etc.

They believe in European herbal hair remedies which provide a holistic experience during the hair treatment process. The reason why they use herbal treatment is because it will work with the one's body without much side-effects. Herbal Treatment will also treat the root of the problems and not just the symptoms, thereby ensuring sustaining lasting results.

The next segment is the sharing sessions by the 2 bloggers, Gelaniza and Christina about the good and effective services they received at TK TrichoKare.

This is followed by a hair demo styling session by Chistina who gives us some tips on plaiting.

Here comes my favorite segment of the day where 10 Hair myths are being addressed. I shall leave it to the pictures to do all the talking. At least, I know that more women suffer from hair loss as compared to the men.

Hair Scan Live Demo Session is up next. Through this process of magnifying the scalp by 200 times, one can get to understand their scalp and hair conditions better.

The last segment is the lucky draw session whereby a winner will win a product hamper worth $500.

Although I did not win, I will stay like to congrat the Indian Lady who takes home this fabulous prize.

I really have to mention about the attractive offer at this workshop-buy a 1 for 1 Hair and Scalp Treatment at $29.90.

And that is not all, if you take advantage of this promotion, you will be entitled to a goodies bag as well.

I heard from the staff that this is indeed an attractive offer as one will only be able to get it at this workshop.

Overall, I have an enjoyable time at this workshop and I will like to thank Cozycot and TK TrichoKare for the invite.

Lastly, do remember to visit TK TrichoKare Website :  http://www.tk-hair.com/home.php  and their FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/TkTrichokare  for more Promotions and Services Update.

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