20 October 2012

SkincareDB - A New Skincare Website

There is a new social media platform in Singapore which caters to serve the skincare community, SkincareDB

More about SkincareDB

Website:  http://www.skincaredb.com/

FB Page:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/SkincareDB/255841581169866

Here is what this website will provide:

Products-showcase skincare products in the market (but not sale of the product)
Product Reviews-Read and write Product Reviews
And News & Events-News, Events & Happenings

As a member, you can get to enjoy the following privileges:

Write product reviews
Register for skincare workshops
Receive exclusive giveaway
Participate in contests and win prizes
Receive SkincareDB updates
and more privileges coming your way...

Wow! With so many perks that this website offers, what are you waiting for? Do join me and signed up as a member too.

What’s more, members can get to win one of the 25 exclusive skincare product sample (tailored specially for your skin type) via the Hunt & Win Contest.

More about the Hunt & Win Contest

Contest Period: 17th - 21st October 2012

 Here is how you can participate:

Signed up as a member
Check for the CLUE on the Hunt & Win! Contest page daily. During the contest period, a new clue is published every day at the start of the day (Singapore Time).
Follow the clue and find the skincare product at SkincareDB Products section.
Once you have found the correct product, click on the CONTEST tab at the bottom of the product information page. You will uncover a Treasure Chest. Click on this image and proceed to submit the contest.
Do note that the contest can only be submitted between 12 NOON till 12 MIDNIGHT (Singapore Time)
Contest Mechanics and Tips:

During the 5-day contest period, there will be 5 winners per day.
Only contests submitted between 12 NOON till 12 MIDNIGHT (Singapore Time) will be VALID.
The first 5 valid submissions will be the winners of the day.
Each member can submit more than once during the contest period. However, each member will only win once per contest month.
Submit your contest anytime between 12 NOON to 12 MIDNIGHT in order to be valid. Chances to win are higher if you submit earlier.
•       Participate every day during the contest period to increase your chance of winning!

Good luck!!!

PS: I have participated in this contest and keeping my fingers crossed that I will be one of the 25 winners.

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