14 October 2012

Reviews of of Artiscent Herbal Citrus Salt Polish and Relaxing Aroma Lotion (Sponsored)

Artiscent, a new organic skin and body care Brand is now available in Singapore.

More about the brand of Artiscent

Established in 1997 and originated from Bangkok, Artiscent uses Virgin Sesame Oil as the main ingredient for making its range of products because of the high in Vitamin E content, its anti-oxidant property and an abundant supply of quality sesame seed from reliable sources.

Customers who purchase the products can be assured that their ingredients are natural, chemical free and are organic products. Additional skin beneficial properties are also added into the products through herbs, spices and natural extracts used in each of the product.

Artiscent is currently distributed in more than 10 countries like Moscow, Japan, Guana, Tanzania, Myanmar, Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, France, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bulgaria, Hongkong  and Finland, among others.  Artiscent is also commercially used by hotels like Tokyo Dome in Japan, Samui Karma in Kho Samui Thailand, The Residen Zanzibar in Tanzania, etc.

In Singapore, Feet Haven Reflexology, a premier boutique Foot reflex spa will be the official distributor for Artiscent.  Customers can find the products at Feet Haven located at 136 East Coast Road with Tel no: 6 344 7311.


In this post, I will be reviewing the Artiscent products of Herbal Citrus Salt Polish and Relaxing Aroma Lotion.

More about the Artiscent Herbal Citrus Salt Polish

Size: 370g

Price: $39

Product Description:  Relax and indulge yourself as you invigorate, cleanse and moisturize your skin with this product.

It is enriched with lemongrass as natural herbal extract and contains:

Virgin Sesame Oil
Corn Glucose Essence
Rice Bran Oil-a high source of Vitamin E

Usage: Take a handful of this exfoliating scrub and work in circular motion all over your body to soften and smooth your skin. Rinse thoroughly. Use twice a week or everyday as you want.

As the name suggests, this products contains a herbal citrus smell which takes me a while for me to get used to. However, once this product is being washed off, I can immediately smell a refreshing lemongrass fragrance on my skin. To me, it’s really amazing how the smell of this product will change from the herbal smell to that of the lemongrass as I ponder the reason how it is able to achieve that.  There are two layers of substance for this product-One is a liquid layer while the other is the salt polish area.

I do think that it is the liquid layer which gives this product the herbal citrus smell.

I like the texture of this product as the salt are quite fine in texture. Maybe that is the reason why this product can be used daily as it does not strip off the moisture on your skin despite exfoliating off the dead skin cells. 

In fact, after washing off this product, I can immediately feel that my skin is smoother and much more hydrated.  As I have dry and sensitive skin on my body, it’s been quite some time since I have used any salt polish. This is because I am a bit worry that the salt polish might dehydrate my skin, causing rashes to occur. But, this product has changed my mind as it is quite natural and able to hydrate my skin effectively.

More about the Artiscent Relaxing Aroma Lotion.

Size: 220ml

Price: $19

Product Description: This is an ultra-light and gentle hand & body aroma lotion.

It is enhanced with Vitamin A, E and contains:

Virgin Vitamin Sesame Oil which has lots of Vitamin E
Lavender Oil
Rosemary Oil-helps restore and protect your skin from environmental stress

Usage: Smooth over skin to moisture, concentrating on rough, dry skin

I like the light fragrance of this body lotion as it contains both the Lavender Oil and the Rosemary Oil. Immediately, I do feel relaxed as though I am having a body massage at a spa. The smell of this body lotion really resemblances that of the aromatherapy messaging oil used during a massage. That is why I will recommend this product to be used after a bath to promote better sleep quality at night.

This lotion is easily absorbed into the skin and able to hydrate my skin effectively. For a mere price of $19, I do think that this is a good quality natural product that is selling at an affordable price.  After applying this product on my skin, my skin has become smoother. Here is a tip for you: If you have any dry, rough patches on your skin, do remember to apply more body lotion on these area as this product will be able to moisturize and restore the skin from environmental stress.

Lastly, do remember to check out Artiscent SG Website: http://www.artiscentsg.com/ and FB Page : https://www.facebook.com/artiscentsg for more Promotions and Product updates.

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