28 October 2012

Review of Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum (Sponsored)

Introducing a new serum that contains Moroccan Argan Oil—An ingredient which has been raved by Hollywood celebrities.

Curious about this product? Read on for its benefits.

More about the Seven Wonders Moroccan Argan Oil Skin Serum

Size: 20ml

Price: $19.90

Made: In Australia

Suitable: for all types of Skin

It is 

Quickly absorbed
Regulates the release of sebum for Oily Skin
Calms Sensitive Skin
Antioxidant packed,
and Vitamin rich.

It contains:

Argan Oil from Morocco 

         a.   one of the rarest oil in the world, known as the Liquid Gold.
         b. Manually extracted from the kernels of the Argan Tree which can be found in South-Western Western Morocco
        c.  Contains High Concentrations of the Five (5) Essential Fatty Acids, Polyphenoles, Antioxidants, and Carotenoids

Rose Oil 

and Vitamin E oil 

Top Benefits:

1) Restores Radiance
2) Reduces Wrinkles
3) Revitalizes Skin Tone
4) Revives Complexion
5) Relieves Dry Skin
6) Non-greasy
7) Fragrance Free

After unpacking the serum, I can immediately smell a nice fragrance of Rose Oil. I do admit that I love the smell of this serum as it has the power to relax my mind. As this product contains Rose Oil which has properties to relief the fatigue in my mind, I will strongly recommend this product for people who like to prepare their skin for a good night sleep. As far as I understand, Rose Oil is also suitable for people who have sensitive skin. That is why this product is suitable for all types of skin. As I have only combination skin, I can only be writing this review from my point of view.

When I mentioned that I have combination skin, it simply means that I have oily skin at the T-zone Area while it is dry at the other areas. This product is quite suitable for my combination skin as it does not give me breakouts at my T-zone Area. At the same time, it is also able to replenish the moisture on my cheek areas. This product has a non-greasy, smooth and non-sticky texture which leaves behind a film of moisturising layer on my skin after it is being absorbed.

More-ever, I do appreciate its fast absorption as I need not have to wait for at least 15 seconds before it can be absorbed. I can really see a difference on complexion as it becomes more radiant and revitalized. Do try out this product and you will be able to understand what I meant. 

I really have to mention its main ingredient-- Argan Oil from Morocco. Do you know that Moroccans call it as “Liquid Gold” and believe that it can help with many skin conditions? Yes and it true. That is why I am so excited to try out this product. So far, I have been using this product for quite some days and I admit that I quite like its non-oily texture. As Argan Oil contains High Concentrations of the Five (5) Essential Fatty Acids, Polyphenoles, Antioxidants, and Carotenoids, it provides a good number of nutrients that my face needs. In this case,

I also find that this product has a good anti-aging property as my face seems to have less line (laughing and expression lines). This is really a plus point since this serum is able to do wonders to my face--- hydrate my skin around the T-zone Area and reduces the lines on my face. 

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