28 October 2012

Review of Gamila Secret Soothing Geranium Cleansing Bar (Sponsored)

I always have a liking for organic skincare products which are not too strong for my delicate skin. That is why I am so excited to be invited by CozyCot to write a review on Gamila Secret's cleansing bar.

Let me first tell you an interesting story about Gamila Secret.

An Interesting story about the brand of Gamila Secret

Gamila was born and raised in a small village called Peki’in Galilee in northern Israel. When her father was very young, his grandmother taught him the importance of nature in their lives. He passed this knowledge onto Gamila.

Based on that knowledge, Gamila started searching for the ideal combination of wild herbs, vegetable oils and olive oil from the trees growing in the hills around her village. This mixture, the ‘secret’ part of Gamila Secret, not only cleansed skin but also softened and healed it. She did not plan for Gamila Secret to become as big as it has become. It just happened.

Gamila created the perfect combination for skin care because she has one very clear mission in life: to give everyone the opportunity to have healthy, beautiful skin for as long as they live.

More about Gamila Secret Products

Available at: Cozycot Retail Stores, Metro Paragon, Robinsons Marina Bay Sands, Robinsons Raffles City & Robinson Centrepoint.

All Gamila Secret products:

contain the same basic ingredients:

a) pure extra-virgin olive oil and a cocktail of no less than 15 fully active hand-picked wild herbs that nourish the skin with minerals and vitamins.

b) All these ingredients come from the area surrounding Peki’in. The combination of these fertile grounds and the mountain-climate provides her with natural ingredients like lavender, lemongrass and olives of the highest quality.

 Reason: This is to strengthen the performance of the active ingredients when a combination of different Gamila Secret products is used

Works with pure ingredients.

a) Does not contain any artificial additives
b) Everything is 100% natural and produced by her small team in Peki’in.

c) based on vegetable oils, Shea Butter, grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil and lavender oil plus Gamila’s secret herbal mix with 15 hand-picked local herbs.

Reason: This is to bring about the optimal effect on your skin.

Contains hundreds of active components:

a) it has healing qualities for people whose skin has lost its natural balance.
b) totally free of synthetic substances such as preservatives, dyes, emulsifiers, waxes and pore-clogging mineral oils.

Reason: They will nourish, clean and nurture your skin

More about the Gamila Secret cleansing bar

No of Varieties: 10, nine of which contains essential oils for added fragrance and properties that stimulate the skin

Suitable for : All skin type, even sensitive ones.

Product Description: it is a cleansing bar with healing, softening structure of the skin and facial pores while regulating the skin’s hydration balance.

It contains:  A 100% natural handmade blend of six pure vegetable oils combined with Gamila Secrets formula,


Moistens the cleansing bar with warm water between the hands to activate the natural living ingredients
Massage the cleansing bar till you see the Creamy Texture appear
Apply the bar directly on face & body
Massage the creamy texture into your skin, allow the emulsion time to permeate deeply into the skin (If you use this product on your face, please do not rub the soap directly on this part of your skin. Instead just lather the foam on your skin)
Rinse off

Note: It can be used as a cleanser for face & Body (including intimate part) and shaving

In this post, I will be reviewing the Gamila Secret Soothing Geranium Cleansing Bar

More about Gamila Secret Soothing Geranium Cleansing Bar

Suitable for: Normal to combination skin

Product Description: This Cleansing Bar has a warm, green, flowery fragrance with harmonizing properties.

I have never used soaps to cleanse my face because I feel that it does not contain any skincare properties and might be too harsh for my face. But this organic soap really changes my mind. Not only it can be used on the face, it also can be used on the body (even on intimate parts). That shows how mild this product is, making it suitable even for the most sensitive skin. Not to mention that this product is organic and contains hundreds of active components to nourish, clean and nurture my skin.

I do not deny that I am having this misconception previously--- I thought that I have to rub the facial cleanser onto my face to ensure that all the dirts have been effectively removed. The fact is that I will only have to lather the foam of the cleanser to remove the dirt on my face. Do note that this action will not strip off the moisture on the face and cause it to be dry and oily. If you think that this soap will not be able to cleanse your face effectiveness, think again. The lather of the Gamila Secret Soothing Geranium Cleansing Bar is already effective to cleanse off the dirt on your face.

After washing off the lather from my face, I do find that my face has become smoother in terms of texture with the moisture intact and replenished. The texture of this soap is quite mild with a nice fragrance of herbs and flowers. When I first collected this product from CozyCot Retail Store, I am instantly mesmerized by this natural flowery fragrance. If you are a person who loves flowery fragrance, you will definitely fall in love with this product.

Do note that it is important to use the product in the right way in order to achieve its efficacy. First, Moist the cleansing bar with warm water between my hands.

Next, I will need to massage the cleansing bar till I see the creamy texture or the lather.

If you want to use this bar to cleanse your face, please do not rub the soap directly on your skin. Instead just lather the creamy texture on your face. After that, rinse off. Please continue to use Gamila Secret Cleansing Bar for a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks,  to allow a totally new, more hydrated skin to build up. This is because it takes 28 days for the deepest layer to reach the surface.

Lastly, please remember to visit Gamila Secret SG Website: http://gamilasecret.sg/  and FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/GamilaSecretSingapore for more Product Updates and Promotions.

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