28 October 2012

Review of BRTC BB Cream-Jasmine Water, Whitening & Repair, Gold Caviar & Aqua Rush Water Drop (Sponsored)

BB Cream, known as Blemish Balm Cream originates from Korea. It is highly raved by Asians because it has the advantages of both skin care and makeup, improving the skin's condition while providing coverage for dark spots and other blemishes.

In this post, I will be reviewing 4 BRTC BB Cream, a brand from Korea, the place of origin for BB Cream 

More about the brand of BRTC

Suitable for: even the Sensitive Skin

Brand Description:  BRTC is a cosmeceutical brand served with botanical patent science (Miracle Blue) even to sensitive skin safely applicable by various irritations and troubles 

BRTC Products contain:

developed Blue Complex, a plant patent ingredient, which provides
a. an immediate soothing function as well as
b. Anti-oxidation based on elements from blue plant as lavender and chamomile used with its excellent soothing effect in traditional medical science throughout the world.

More about BRTC BB Cream Line

Available: At Selected SASA Stores

Product Line Description: It consists of sun care products helping double block against UV-A, B and BB cream which provides customized solutions for each skin type. It creates beautiful and healthy skin tone by maximizing the makeup effect and customized skin expression as well as skin protection.

There are quite a number of different types of BB Cream in the BRTC BB Cream Line but I will only be covering on thee 4 products in this post:

Jasmine water BB cream
Whitening and repairing BB cream
Gold caviar BB cream
Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream

These 4 BB Cream have a size of 35ml and are priced at $32.

More about Jasmine water BB cream

Product Description: It helps to soothe and moisturizing of dry and sensitive skin and create moist and bright skin tone expression 

It contains:

jasmine flower water and
Blue complex 

In general, I do find that these 4 BB Creams provide almost the same coverage to hide the flaws on the face except that they have various product functions to cater for different types of skin.

For this product of Jasmine Water BB Cream, it is more suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin. I have tried this product and found that it is able to moisturize and brighten up my skin tone.

Since people with sensitive skin might have some redness on their face, my guess is that the blue complex will be able to correct the uneven skin tone for a healthier complexion.

 Although this product has an SPF Factor of 30, it does not provide any coverage for PA. If you have dry or sensitive skin, this might be the product for you. 

More about Whitening and repairing BB cream

Product Description: This product helps to provide firm and bright skin with a natural color base. 

It contains:

intensive whitening 
and firming care ingredients

I find that this product has a thicker texture as compared to the other 3 products. It also provides coverage of SPF 37 coupled with PA++. This product will be more suitable for people who want a whitening property in their BB Cream. Generally, whitening products has a more oily texture. That is why I feel that this BB Cream has a much oilier texture but it is able to brighten up my skin tone instantly.

I love the fact that it provides me an coverage with a natural base. If whitening is always a concern of yours, then this product will be suitable for you.

More about Gold caviar BB cream

Product Description: This product helps to provide nutrient supply to dry and aging skin and create vital skin tone expression

It contains:

high concentrated caviar extract
and platinum

For your information, this product is more suitable for people who want to reduce the wrinkles on their face. As such, I do find that this product is more effective to target against the skin elasticity while brightening up my complexion. After applying it on my face, one will find that the lines such as wrinkles will be reduced.

In comparison, the colour of this product is slightly darker than the other 3 products but provides the same coverage after it is being absorbed.. The SPF of this product is highest at 50 with a PA++. 

More about Aqua Rush Water Drop BB Cream

Product Description: This product revises the skin by creating a moisturizing film that supplies the water from deep within. 

It contains:

Marine RX Force
Optimal Cover RX

Among these 4 products, this is definitely my favorite. If you have been following my blog, you would have known that I have placed great emphasis on replenishing adequate moisture on my combination skin. This is important as I do not want my skin to secrete excessive oil and causes more blemishes on my face.The texture of this BB Cream is more watery. 

Once applied, I can really feel that it provides adequate moisture for my skin. After the BB Cream is being absorbed, I can instantly see a thin moisturizing film on my face. Even after a few hours of application of this product, my face is still being hydrated. As for the SPF Factor, it provides a Protection Factor of 28 with PA++.  

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Lastly, I will like to thank SASA for the invitation to review these 4 products. Stayed tuned as I will be reviewing the multi-vital 10 System Range of BRTC in the next post.


Skin bleaching said...

This whitening cream is really wonderful. This makes my skin dry but I have seen a reduction in pigmentation after six weeks. And now, I am very proud to introduce how fair my skin is. Thanks to this.

Shorthairlady said...

Hi Skin bleaching,

Thanks for dropping by and support my blog. I am glad that you like the BRTC Whitening & Repair BB Cream. This is also one of my favorite BB Cream at the moment.


BRTC said...

Very detailed review of BRTC BB Creams. Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing us your review!

Shorthairlady said...


Thanks for stopping by and I am gald that you love the detailed reviews of BRTC BB Cream. Are you using them at the moment?