14 October 2012

Review of Aqualabel Collagen GL Cream (Sponsored)

I am so excited about this new product of Aqualabel Moisturising Range- Collagen GL Cream.

More about Aqualabel Moisturising Range

It is a quality range of moisturizing products that replenishes skin with sufficient amounts of moisture to achieve youthful and supple skin.

This range of products contain:

Collagen Glycerin-Pumps up skin to keep it looking youth and supple while maintaining the balance of water level in it
Apricot Extract-Revitalizes, nourishes and moisturizes skin

Aqua Synergy-An exclusive ingredient that blends easily with water and oil in skin, so that it can penetrate deeper into skin layers. It also powerfully forces moisture and effective ingredients into the skin while softening it.

Moist Aqua Keeping Base-An exclusive ingredient to pump up the skin and keeps it hydrated by infusing it with moisture. This ingredient contains:

1. Moisture Membrance-Locks moisture in skin
2. Double Hyaluronic Acid-High moisturizing effect and enhances skin’s elasticity
3. Biocompatiable Hydrating Liquid-Replenishes skin with its natural moisture
4. Aqua Synergy-Penetrates ingredients into skin effectively.

More about Aqualabel Collagen GL Cream

Size:  90g

Price: $33.50

Use as a : Sleeping Mask

Product Description: This is a High Function Gel Cream with plenty of concentrated “collagen” which is source of plump suppleness to your skin. Experience the moisture –laden skin with resilient suppleness.

Texture: Jelly-like formula that absorbs into the skin easily.

It is a 5-in 1 Gel Cream and provides the functions of:

Lotion-Softens the skin and prepares it for subsequent skincare
Emulsion-Balance the skin’s natural oil
Essence-Concentrated treatment of double hyaluronic acid and collagen to target dehydration and aging problems
Cream-Hydrating ingredients to retain moisture for long hours
Mask-Works as a sleeping mask to lock in the goodness of Collagen GL and Hyaluronic Acid when skin feels extremely dry.

It contains:

Water Soluble Collagen-Greatly improves skin’s ability to retain moisture and enhances overall elasticity
Hydrolyzed Collagen-Increases the density of Collagen Fibroblasts (main cell of the dermis) thereby optimizing firmness of the skin
Double Hyaluronic Acid-High Moisture effect

For your information, I am a great fan of Aqualabel skincare Product as I have been using their cleansing Oil and Sunblock for quite a few years.

That is why I am pretty look forward to the launch of this new product of Collagen GL Cream. Do note that this product is part of the Moisturizing Product Range which can be identified by the Signature Red Color Label. This wonderful product is meant to replace the skin regime of  Aqua label Moisturizing Lotion, Essence, Mask and Emulsion. 

As such, I will highly recommend this product to busy ladies who want to keep their skincare regime to the minimum. In the daytime, this product can be used as a lotion cum essence while in the night time it can be used as a sleeping mask to hydrate your skin while you are sleeping in the air-con room.

For best result, please follow up with the Aqualabel Enhancer thereafter.

I particularly like the texture of this product because it is quite hydrating. 

As I have combination skin, I prefer to use non-oily moisturizing product that will keep my skin hydrated all day long and thereby reducing the surplus oil secretion from my oil glands. In my opinion, this non-oily product really provides a long-lasting hydrating effect on my skin.

After the application, the skin feels soft and smooth immediately. As for the collagen properties, I do notice that my skin feels more supple and resilient as though it has been slightly pumped up and becomes more firm.

Lastly, do remember to like Aqualabel  FB Page for more Promotions and  Product Updates :  https://www.facebook.com/aqualabelsg

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