14 October 2012

+ Project by Philips Singapore

Have you ever wondered how we can improve the quality of our lives in Singapore? How can we better deal with modern-day health and well-being challenges?

Well, here comes a Survey for you to share your thoughts and vote for the idea that means most to you. 

And, that is not all. If you take part in this Survey, you will be entered into a draw to win weekly and grand prizes worth up to $1000. 

This is what I call Killing two birds with 1 sword:

Share your thoughts to improve our society 
and stand to win fabulous prizes in the lucky draw.

Read on and find out how to do that.

More about the + Project

The ‘+’ Project in Singapore is an initiative by Philips Singapore ( http://philips.com.sg ) to make a positive change by improving the health and well-being of people in three major areas. Philips wish to empower individuals and families to eat and live healthy; implementing preventive measures to better manage chronic health issues and increasing the standards of living and livability of our working, studying and living environments.

The 3 areas are:

Parenting & Family with health issues like infant nutrition, child obesity, myopia and healthy eating. 
Livable Society with issues like sustainability, inclusivity and identity impact the health and well-being of the Singaporeans.
Aging & Access to Healthcare 

Do check out this link for more information:  http://www2.yourhealthandwellbeing.asia/singapore/

My thoughts on this:

I do feel that this is a very good initiative by Philips to find out what we think of the issues. Nowadays, isn't the government also implementing the “Our Singapore Conversation” to discuss about issues that are close to our heart? Well, the + project is definitely a fun platform for us to share the thoughts.

Follow the 5 steps below to take part in the + Project: 

Vote for your favorite idea
Enter your details to join the lucky draw
Double your chance by sharing the survey.
Stand to win weekly and grand Lucky Draw Prizes

Here is what you will stand to win at the Weekly and Grand Lucky Draw:  http://www2.yourhealthandwellbeing.asia/singapore/home/how-it-works/

If you want to double the chance of winning at the Weekly and Monthly Lucky Draw, please visit the Take Care Installation.  

Take care installation

Date: From 27 Sept to 5 Oct 2012

Visit the Philips TAKE CARE installation at City Hall and Raffles Place (over 9 days to collect Philips magnet with individual activation code to double the chances of winning.

I have followed the instructions and visited the Philips TAKE CARE installation at City Hall on a faithful Saturday. 

There are quite a number of different designs of the magnets up for grabs. And I have chosen this magnet simply because it is in green colour and denotes the massage of work-life balance.

To me, Work-Life Balance is quite important as one will need to live the life to the fullest by balancing both work and family lives. If there is only work in your life, you will feel exhausted overtimes as you only work, work and work. Likewise, if you do not work hard enough, you will find it hard to cope with the high cost of living in Singapore. That is why we have to take the center stand and achieve the work life balance.

For your information, each of the magnets has a serial code. 

Simply enter this serial code to enjoy a double chance of winning in the online survey lucky draw.

As I walked near the installation, I started to think about why Philip Singapore has chosen these particular two words of “Take Care” for the installation. Take Care means be careful, prudent, or watchful in the dictionary. To me, it means that you are aware of the issue/matter and is taking some measures to fight against it. 

Here are some examples:

If you think that childhood obesity is a problem for your kids, we can cultivate an environment for them to eat and live healthily at home and in school. I know the torments as I used to be overweight….believe it or not. Enough of my history.
If an alarming of 65% of Primary 6 children in Singapore have myopia, shouldn’t it be time we take measures to reduce the no? Perhaps by installing Philips LED Light to alleviate the eye strain. 
We all know that smoking, obesity, physical inactivity and alcohol consumption will contributes to chronic diseases such as cancer or ischemic heart disease and pneumonia. Shouldn’t we be having regular general check-up and exercise more?

That is why Philip is having this survey initiative to find out our concerns, so that we can “take care” and tackle these issues. 

As this is an easy platform to voice out your view plus fantastic prizes to be won, I will strongly encourage you to take part in this survey. Good luck!! 

Lastly, note that the results of the survey can be viewed at this link:  http://www2.yourhealthandwellbeing.asia/singapore/survey/result-overall/

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