14 October 2012

Covermark Moisture LV Beauty Workshop

With the invitation from Cozycot, I have been invited to the Covermark's Workshop at the Orchid Mandarin Hotel.

After the registration, we are treated to mini dessert buffet. Check out the delicious food that we have.

Finally, the skincare cum makeup session by Ms Akemi Senoo, Japanese Makeup Artist & Beauty Commentator begins.

More about the brand of Covermark

Covermark is a brand from Japan that understands Foundation best.  Their signature product is the Moisture Veil LX.

After learning more about the brand of Covermark, it is time to remove the makeup with the Covermark Mineral Wash. This is a cream type facial wash that gently removes hardened keratine to make the skin moist and smooth.

Next up will be the application of a skincare product range of Covermark, Cell advanced Skin care. This range of Product will be able to awaken the skin’s natural power from within:

“Mother cells” the source of beautiful skin
3-way approach to fostering beauty from deep within the skin
Enhancing the skin’s firmness from within.

For better results, please massage your face with the cell advanced lotion massage.

Finally is the introduction of Covermark signature product, Moisture Veil LX.

More about the Covermark Moisture Veil LX

No of shades: 9 , from MP10 to MO20.

Price: $95, Refill: $75

Product Description: This product transforms actual skin into “wannabe skin” in an instant by achieving beauty skin that has moisture and appeased feeling.

Features of this Foundation:

Covermark’s original technology capture skin’s skin sebum and change it into brightness with moisturizing effect which makes your skin looks more beautiful as time passes by.
Powder coated with moisturizing agent covers concerned area. Adopting Skin melting Formula, it blends into skin like air.

Sandwich Complex Powder-Sebum is changed to shining –Multi-layer Powder. It heads off “Make-up Crumbles” and “dullness” because it absorbs the sebum on the surface of the skin and it gels, the skin brightly also becomes glossy as time advances by the powder that can shine brightly by obtaining the sebum.

Changes sebum to moisture coat-“Moist change Powder”

It makes thin moisture coat on the skin surface after absorbing the sebum. Moisture feeling is increasing as time passes.


Pick up appropriate amount of Foundation on the sponge & apply from cheek to forehead area in single stroke motion
Use patting movement on areas that need extra coverage.

It contains 7 botanical extracts which are ingredients for moisture:

Panax Ginseng
Ganoderma iucidum
Japanese Angelica extracts
Coix seed 
Mulberry bark

Finally the event ends and I will like to thank both Covermark and Cozycot for the invitation.

****Here comes the Good News****:

1000 sets of samples (Moisture veil Lx, Cleansing & Base) are up of grabs.

 Just go down to COVERMARK counter@Takashimaya department store, L3 and say "I heard of COVERMARK from Shorthairlady" and you will be able to receive the* samples & a free trial.

*So hurry while stock lasts.

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