22 September 2012

Sold.sg New Features & Launch Party

Hands up if you love shopping!

I do because I love the feeling of owning something that I do not have at the moment, be it the latest technology gadget or the most fashionable dress.

However, sometimes I just do not have the time to go down to a shopping centre to do my shopping as I am as busy as a bee. Struggling between work and blogging, I do not even have the time to relax at home during the weekend, let alone making my way down to a retail shop to check out the latest fashion or technological trends. Here is where online Ecommerce Website or Shop will come in handy. Amongst the various online website, Sold.sg is definitely on my no 1 list because this website just makes my online shopping experience fun and interesting.

Previously, Sold .sg has only the online auction service. This is the shopping experience for those people with a strategic mind who are bent on winning the auctions of products at a ridiculously low price. I do think that it is suitable for competitive people who love thrill seeking shopping experience as you need to watch the auction price constantly just like a stock market.

Here is how to bid:

Purchase 1 Token at $0.75. I Token will entitle you to 1 bid
Choose your desired product
Start Bidding. Each bid increases the bid price by $0.15 & extends the timer by 20 seconds
You win when the auction closes. Pay the final bid to receive your item

It is encouraging to know that 41.1K auctions have been completed with up to 30% off the sale price. Wait, there is more- Nikon DSLR DS100 whose original price is $1199 has been sold for $17.98. Samsung Galaxy Note (Original Price of $998) sold for $16.72. Wow, that is almost like 98% off with prices slashes so low.

Fear not if you do not have a strategic mind as Sold.sg will be launching 2 new sites on 13th Sept –Sold.sg Shop and Sold.sg Sales.

I like this type of shopping experiences as I can buy an item straight away from Sold.sg without going through the process of auction.  What’s more, the items sold on Sold.sg are the trendiest because the Sold.sg product team has carefully curate all products in the lifestyle and gadgets realm, to ensure items are of the highest quality or are the best in their category.

And, the best thing is that I can expect to see items that cannot be found in other online stores. Do check out the new Sold.sg Website : http://sold.sg/ and experience personally the fun of online shopping at Sold.sg

Let us now find out some of the trendiest items offered on Sold.sg Shop. I do encourage people who are still troubled and have no idea what to give as a present for their love ones to visit this website. Certainly, you will be inspired as the gadgets or items sold on this Page are being divided into various categories under the Gift Section: For him, For her and for the kids

What's more , you can order the items at the comfort of your own house without spending time on travelling and moving to and fro at various venues just to get the items you need. By the way, Christmas is around the corner and there is no harm to check out this website of  Sold.sg Shop 

Next, comes to my favorite section on Sold.sg-Sales. Do note that you have to register as a member before you can access the Sales Prices of all items in this Page. I did and indeed, I find that the gadgets are so cheap. Toshiba Portege Laptop @ $1099 instead of $1699 and Viewsonic Viewpad 10s at $336.95, instead of $449. Oh my, If I have known about this website earlier, I will have saved some money on the IT gadgets. Well, It's still not too late and I have bookmarked this website as one of my favorites, so that I can come back and check out more wonderful prices and discounts.

Speaking of which, I attended the Media Launch Party at Sold.sg at Hummerstons, a restaurant at Robertson Quay,

Upon registration, delicious food is served. Check out the yummy food that we have that night.

Finally the event begins. The first game is quite interesting. There are a total of 20 questions flashed on the projector and the team who have the highest score will get to bag home Sold.sg Credits. Most of the questions are quite interesting and knowledgeable. At least, now I know that Fish is not a Fart-inducer.

Next up is the announcement of the winners of the wackiest photo. Congrats to all winners.

Just before revealing the answers of the quiz questions above, the Founder, Qiuyan and her co-Founders, Angeline and Chiou Hou give a speech, sharing about the new Sold.sg website-enhanced with a new sophisticated new user interface.

The event ends with the lucky draw segments where 3 winners get to win the grand price of 100 Sold.sg Credit. Unfortunately, lady luck is not on my side that night but I will still like to take this opportunity to congrat all the winners.

Do remember to check Sold.sg FB, Twitter and Blog Pages for more promotional updates:


Lastly, I will like to thank Omy and Sold.sg for the invite as I do have a wonderful and lovely time at the event.

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