02 September 2012

Reviews of Lactacyd White Intimate Whitening & Revitalize Youth Reviving Daily Feminine Wash (Sponsored)

I have received the new Lactacyd Intimate products for reviews: 

• Lactacyd White Intimate Whitening Daily Feminine Wash 
• Lactacyd Revitalize Youth Reviving Daily Feminine Wash

Before I go on to the reviews of these 2 products, I will like to point out my thoughts on the importance of using Feminine Wash

Thoughts on Feminine Hygience Care

Doesn’t any of the reasons above sound familiar to you? I sure do previously but ever since I have tried the brand of Lactacyd, I am just hooked on to this brand. I do think that using Feminine Wash for the V Zone Area is important and you should turn your mindset around from not using Feminine Wash to include it in your daily body hygiene care.

Let me introduce the brand of Lactacycd

More about Lactacyd

It is the no 1 feminine hygiene brand in the world* with strong presence in many markets, with more than 30 years of experience.

For more information: please visit www.lactacyd.com.sg

*Nicholas Halls Global OTC Database , DB6 2012, sales in €mn at manufacturer;s sale price(MSP)

More about Lactacyd White Intimate Whitening Daily Feminine Wash

Size: 250ml

Price: $13.90

Product Description: It is the first intimate wash with lightening properties to be introduced in Singapore. Made with natural ingredients, Lactacyd White Intimate is the natural answer to intimate fairness

Key Features:

Proven effective in skin lightening of the intimate area
Skin lightening
Made with natural ingredients
Ph Level: 5.2

Natural ingredients:

Algowhite: Marine-based whitening agent, lightens by reducing melanin synthesis, exfoliates by activating the cell thereby reducing darkness, protects by inhibiting free radicals
Actipone-B: Marine based whitening agent, lightens the skin by inhibiting the production of melanin, a pigment found in skin which is the origin of skin darkness

Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturising and revitalizing agent
Lactic Acid: Natural, soothing, anti-itching agent.

Recommended Usage: For beat result, use thumb-size amount twice daily.

It’s really the first time that I have ever tried a Feminine Wash with whitening properties. I do appreciate it as most of us will like to wear tight bottom like shorts or jeans which are common in Singapore’s weather. When that happens, it may results in darkened bikini area.

I have been using this product for quite sometimes and I do admit that I like this product. Basically, this product is quite mild in nature and yet it is able to provide an effective cleansing effect for my delicate V Zone Area.

I do not experience any discomfort like irritations after using this product. And, the fragrance of this product reminds me of normal soap. I have almost forgotten that I am using this new product of Lactacyd.

As for the whitening effects, I might have to use this product for a longer period of time before I can see its effect. But, I do not notice that my bikini area has not darkened in colour. I will definitely recommend it to people who love to wear white bottoms like mini shirt or jeans. 

More about Lactacyd Revitalize Youth Reviving Daily Feminine Wash

Size: 250ml

Price: $13.90

Product Description: Making its Asia debut in Singapore, it is a youth reviving feminine wash, containing natural ingredients such as Vitamin E, Collagen & Trehalose. 

Key Features:

Proven effective in firming and moisturing
Hydrates and refreshes
Dermatologically tested
Made with natural ingredients
Ph Level: 5.2

Natural ingredients:

Vitamin E: Antioxidant qualities and destroy free radicals
Collagen: An abundant protein that hydrates and help fight signs of aging

Trehalose: A long lasting deodorant moisturiser with moisture-retaining capacity
Lactoserum: Milk-based moisturizing and revitalizing agent
Lactic Acid: Natural, soothing , anti-itching agent 

I am glad that there are many different types of feminine wash available on the market. One of the newest additions is this product, a youth reviving feminine wash which helps to rejuvenate the skin and leave it firm and supple.

In terms of fragrance, both products have almost the same fragrance which I cannot really differentiate. I do find that this fragrance has a slightly refreshing smell as compared to the whitening Feminine Wash. 

But, this product really moisturises my V Zone Area. Sometimes, I do experience a slight discomfort like itchiness at my V Zone Area because it is a bit too dry. After I have used this product, I do discover that it is able to moisturise and provide a relief for this area.

I will strongly recommend this product to women who are on the search for feminine wash with hydrating properties.

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Anonymous said...

which one is better white or revatalize? thanks...

Shorthairlady said...

Hi Anonymous,

Nice to meet you and pls do continue to support my blog.

Different products have different functions. It really boils down to what you will like the product achieve. For me, I do think that these 2 works wonder for me. If you really want me to choose, it will be Revitalize as it is more moisturising