30 September 2012

Review of ZA Perfect Fit two-way Concealer & Foundation (Sponsored)

I have been invited to the ZA/ Aqualabel blogger’s event at Relish @ myVillage Serangoon Gardens.

After the registration, food is served. Check out the yummy big beef hamburger that I have.

Finally, the presentation by Charmian begins….

For your information, this blogger event is organised for the launch of both ZA Perfect Fit two-way Concealer/ Foundation & Aqualabel Collagen GL Cream. But, I will only be covering on the ZA Perfect Fit two-way Concealer/ Foundation in this post.

As for the Review on Aqualabel Collagen GL Cream, I will be only be writing it at a Latter Post. Stayed Tuned for it.

In Oct 2012, ZA further enhanced the refined quality and finish of Skin Beauty 2-way foundation to launch ZA Perfect Fit two-way Foundation and the concealer to launch the Perfect Fit concealer. These 2 products will be available exclusively at Watsons 11 October 2012

More about ZA Perfect Fit two-way Concealer

Size: 9g

Price: $13.90

Shade: 01,02 and 03

Features of this concealer:

Real Perfect Powder & Skin Fit Description conceals dark stops, spots & freckles. Pin points imperfections and provides high-coverage to skin concerns while imparting a natural-looking finish
Clings closely to skin without creasing or fading to impact a radiant finish
Dermatologist-tested; Non-clogging to pores

It contains:

Water Holding Collagen and Moisturizing Hyaluronic Acid imparts a smooth, moisturized finish
Vitamin E derivative prevents sebum oxidation and keeps skin healthy

I like this Concealer because it provides a natural coverage to hide my flaws such as dark eyes circle. There is no doubt that I will like to use a concealer to conceal or hide my flaws. However, I do not want a concealer that is too heavy or unnatural on my face because it does not blend in with my foundation. 

In my opinion, concealer and foundation should work hand in hand together to enhance my features and hide my flaws to create a radiant skin. I do think that ZA Perfect Fit two-way Concealer is able to achieve that because it is able to hide my flaws, spreads lightly and evenly over my skin while blending in with my foundation.

Maybe the reason is that contains the Real Perfect Powder & Skin Fit Prescription to provide high coverage to skin concerns and impacting a natural-looking finish.

For better result, I will strongly encourage you to use this product together with the ZA Perfect Fit two-way Foundation.

What’s more, it is able to fit firmly over my skin to achieve a non-creasing, radiant finish. That is really another plus point as the concealer will not really melt after several hours, meaning that I need not touched up my skin with this product.  At the end of the day, my blemishes are still well-concealed without any creases.

More about ZA Perfect Fit two-way Foundation

Size: 9g

Price: $18.50

With: SPF 20. PA++

Shades of Colour: 8 Shades

Pink Ochre (Pink Undertone): PO10,P020
Ochre (Neutral Undertone): OCOW, OCOO, OC10,OC20,OC30
Beige Ochre (Yellow Undertone): B010

Features of this Foundation

Anti-shine Powder & Bright Keep Pigment retains a just-applied, lasting bright finish It does not shine, become sticky or dull over time
8 hour makeup hold
Can be used moist or dry
Comes with a refined sponge that is soft and supple. It improves the adherence and spread of foundation to achieve a smooth, even-textured finish

Dermatologist-tested; Non-clogging to pores

It contains:

Microfine powder, consisting of Poreless Power & Smooth Power spreads evenly over skin and corrects enlarged pores to achieve a natural, bare-skin finish.
Formulated with Water-holding Collagen and High Moisture Hyaluronic Acid Complex to impact a smooth and moisturized finish
Vitamin E Derivative prevents sebum oxidation and keeps skin healthy.

The texture of this foundation is quite smooth and fine. As a person with combination skin, I admit that I have large pores at my T-zone Area. What I like about this product is that it is able to magically make my pores smaller, so that my face looks more flawless with the bumps and zaps smoothened and seemingly less obvious. What I do understand is that the poreless powder is able to diffuse light to blur pores and other bumpy surfaces.

 Therefore, it will be able to spread over the skin with a light and smooth texture. And not forgetting the smooth powder that will spread effortlessly to achieve a natural-looking finish.

The next plus point is that this amazing product of ZA is able to absorbs and solidifies sebum. I am glad that this foundation has this feature because I am often troubled with the problem that my skin will be oily at the end of the day.

 When that happens, the foundation will melt away and I will not look as radiant as when I have first applied the foundation.Somehow, my face will look dull and oily.  ZA Perfect Fit two-way Foundation will not have this problem as it has anti-shine powder which will prevent shine, stickiness and creasing to make the beautiful finish last throughout the day. 

I really have to mention another feature of this foundation---Bright Keep Pigment. It will prevent the colour of the foundation from changing overtime, making the radiant and natural glow on my face long-lasting.

Time passes very fast and it’s the end of the event.

I will like to thank ZA for the invitation as I have a lovely time at this bloggers event.

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Here comes the Good News:

ZA will be having a series of promotions/updates for the launch of the Perfect Fit two-way Products:

10 prizes $250 vouchers from Lowrys Farm to be won when you purchase the ZA Perfect Fit two-way Product from Watsons

ZA Facebook contest

Cosmpolitan (Oct issue) workshop with Za x Lowry’s farm!

Wow with attractive prizes to be won. What are you waiting for? Do check out the ZA Perfect Fit two-way Products at Watsons.


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