30 September 2012

Review of My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask (Sponsored)

Do you have any concerns with Visible Pores, Wrinkles or Uneven Skin Tone?

If you say yes to the question above, read on and find out how My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask will be able to correct these 3 concerns of yours.

More about My Scheming Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask

Available at: Watsons

Price: $14.50

1 Box Contains:10 Mask

Function: Help to clear and minimize the pore for a clean & smooth skin.

It contains:

Acerola extract that boost collagen production to reduce fine lines.
Liquorice and Mulberry extract, an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant, deep cleans and improves your skin condition. 
Gentianae Radix gives you a smoother, fairer complexion.

It is made of: 100% Japan Pulp which is soft, breathable and has slits to fit the contours of the face. It is gentle and comfortable to the skin and provides close adhesion to the face. It ensures that the nutrients are fully absorbed by your skin to give you the best results!

One of the major notable concerns of women today is their visible pores. More often than not, these pores are large because the sebum will secrete excessive oil. When that happens, these large pores will be easily clogged which can lead to blemishes like blackheads or even pimples or acne. I personally do encounter this skin problem as I have combination skin. That is why I will appreciate this product of My Scheming Mask- Deep Cleansing Pore Minimizing Mask as it is able to cleanse my pores effectively while minimizing it.

As soon as I have opened up the packet of this mask, a few droplets of the essence from the mask just dripped out onto the floor.

Immediately, I can feel that the mask really contains a large amount of the essence. When I have applied this mask on my face, there is an instant refreshing and soothing feeling. The texture of this mask is quite good as it has just the right texture-not too thin or neither it is too thick. More-over, it is able to adhere to my face without breaking easily. I admit that I like the texture of this mask as it is quite soft and comfortable to my face. It is quite hard to explain but it sure feels like my second skin, thanks to this 100% Japan Pulp Material. 

After I have removed the mask, I find that my complexion becomes more radiant and smoother. Somehow, the pores have become not so obvious.

Of course, I am not expecting a miracle here whereby my pores will become very small and refined overnight. At the very least, I am able to see an instant result- my pores have minimized a little and my dull complexion have become brighter and smoother. Maybe the reason is that the essence of the Mask contains Liquorice and Mulberry extract, an ingredient with anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties which contributes to improve the conditions of my skin.

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