09 September 2012

Review of L’oreal Lucent Magique BB Cream (Sponsored)

I have received L’oreal Lucent Magique BB for review.

More about L’oreal Lucent Magique BB

Size:  30ml

Price: $24.90

Texture: The milky white texture evolves to a skin-tone matching coverage, specific for Asian skin.

No of Shade: 1 Shade

Product Description:  This is the 1st Skin laminating BB Cream that magically transforms skin from an enlivened from within-complexion.

Features of this BB Cream:

• Exclusive Intuitive BB Capsule which encapsulate a blend of skin-perfecting pigments that activates upon application to diffuse doses of magic on the skin.

Innovative capsule technology where each micro-sphere has a double coating that keeps the skin-perfecting pigments fresh until application.

Skin perfecting pigments that evens the skin-tone and texture to get a perfectly softly radiant texture


Pores Minimised

Skin Texture Smoothed

Spots Covered

Fine Lines Corrected

Skin Tone Unified

Brightness Revealed

24 Hour Hydration

UV Protect SPF 20+++

Light-Feel texture

Comfort All Day Long

Usage:  Use as last step to skincare or layer before foundation

Unlike other BB Cream in the market, the texture of L’oreal Lucent Magique BB is a bit creamy with traces of small beads in it. 

Maybe the reason is that it contains the exclusive BB Capsules. That is why when I applied this BB Cream on my face; I almost thought that I am applying a gentle exfoliator instead of the BB Cream because the texture is a bit similar. Both items contain small beads. However, please be well assured that the “BB Breads” will simply disappear after the cream is being absorbed into my skin. Magical,isn’t it ? 

To my surprise, the texture of this BB Cream is not oily at all. Frankly speaking, I do not like to use BB Cream because they are simply too oily for my combination skin. Most of the time, I do experience an oily T-zone face at the end of the time, with or without makeup. The last thing that I will like experience is a BB Cream Product that will contribute even more shine to my oily face. That is why I will appreciate a product that will provide a Matt Finish, so that my face will look more refined. I do think that this product is able to do that. Once the BB Cream is being absorbed into the face, you will feel that your face will somehow have a smoother texture. This product really changes my mind about BB Cream--It is able to conceal the pores and provide a smooth skin texture on my face without the greasy, oily texture. If you do not believe me, check out my before and after photos. 

Note that although I did not apply any concealer on my face, it can somehow conceal the dark eye circles, not forgetting the pigmentation spots too.

Although this product has only 1 colour tone, it is able to blend in with my skin tone perfectly. Some of the BB Cream in the market provides an unnatural finish on the face as it is simply too bright or dark for the natural skin tones. When that happens, you will see that the face will have a fairer or duller skintone as compared to that of the neck or the body. I still remember the incident when I have applied the BB Cream of a certain brand during the weekend. My friends just comment that I look so pale and sickly and recommend me to put on brusher. Till then, I am a bit skeptical about trying out BB Cream. However, I do not encounter such an issue with this product. I look so radiant and natural looking that my friends just cannot tell that I have applied the BB Cream on my face. 

They thought that I am blessed with a naturally radiant skin-tone…sh….This is my secret. That is why I will highly recommend this product to people who like a BB Cream that can provide an instant illumination of skin to provide a light-feel and radiant complexion.

Good News:

Here comes a chance for you to redeem Sample of this amazing product:

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Lastly, I will like to thank L’oreal Paris for the invitation.


Angelica said...

Everyone's talking about this bb cream! I think I should probably buy one! It looks good on your face!

xxlovefashion clozette.com

Shorthairlady said...

Hi Angelica,

Thanks for dropping by and nice to meet you. Yes, the new BB Cream is quite good because it is non-oily. I simply love its colour. Even though there is only 1 colour tone for this product, it is able to blend in with my skintone .Somehow I just look radiant.Do try this product.