23 September 2012

Review of K-Palette 1 day Lash Perm (Sponsored)

SASA has invited me for a makeover session by K-Palette at Nex.

 During the makeover session, I am wowed by K-palette cosmetic range like its well-known 1 Day Tattoo eyeliner and the newly launched 1 Day Lash Perm. Don’t I look nice in the photo?

More about K-Palette

Launched in Singapore in 2007, K-Palette has received numerous prestigious awards for its products annually. It is a highly popular Japanese makeup brand known for its long-lasting and award winning range of “1-Day Tattoo” eye cosmetics.

Its 24 h Real Lasting Eyeliner is one of Japan’s best-selling liquid eyeliner with patented micro-fibre brush and waterproof polymer molecule for quick-dry and non-smudge eye makeup.

More about K-Palette 1 day Lash Perm

Colour: Black

Water-Proof: Yes

Fits: All Eyes shapes and sizes

Product Description: This is waterproof mascara which helps to achieve dynamic lashes from root to tip of the lashes easily.

Product Features:

Lengthening Effect, No clumpy lashes
Film type mascara with easy removal by using lukewarm water
Ideal, long lasting curls
Added with beauty essence to care for lashes while creating impressive curl and length

Design Enhancement:

Convex Curve & Ideal Brush Length-Inner curve of bow-shaped brush sweep lashes in an upward curve instantly.
Shorter side bristles at the side- able to reach root of the lashes instantly.
Fine pointed tip of brush- reaches the inner corner of the eyes and lengthens short lashes smoothly

It contains:

Curl keep polymer, acrylates polymer-enables eyelashes to curl instantly, with a single curl and reinforces the durability of the curl, ensuring that the curl effect lasts throughout the day
Pullulan-creates long and defined lashes that do not clump.
Hydrolyze Silk
Red Algae Essence
Swertia Herb

For your information, I have extremely stubborn straight eye-lashes which do not curl up instantly. .And yes, it’s hereditary as I have very straight hair too.

That is why I normally have to apply a few coats of mascaras before I can really see my eye-lashes curling up. However, some of the mascaras that I have used before might cause my lashes to be clumpy. I really hate clumpy lashes, especially if the mascara contains fibre because they will somehow make my eyes very messy and stain the eye lashes at on my lower eye-lids. Therefore, I really appreciate this product of K-Palette as it does not have the clumpy effect on my lashes even if I have applied a few coats of mascara.

The second plus point about the 1 day Lash Perm is that my eye lashes can really curl up! Even though I can curl up the lashes on my right eyes, my left eye needs a bit of extra work. Maybe it’s because of the shape of my left eyes or the way the lashes are grown at this corner, it is really impossible to curl up the lashes at this part of my eyes. Frankly speaking, I am really happy to see that the straight eye-lashes at the left corner will curl up slightly-a result that cannot be achieved by most of the mascara that I have tried before.

After all, mascaras are meant to define our eyes and curl/ lengthen the existing eye-lashes that we have. If a person with straight stubborn lashes can see an instant curling result with the use of this product, let alone a person with normal eye-lashes. And, did I mention that the curling effects of the lashes are long-lasting too? They sure are, meaning that my eye-lashes will be perfectly curled for long hours!

The last thing that I like about this mascara is the fact that it is being added with 4 beauty essences, namely Panthenol, Hydrolyze Silk, Red Algae Essence and Swertia Herb.

That really saves me time as these ingredients will care for my lashes while I have the mascara on. Think of its way: Lashes are similar to hair and definitely need the extra care treatments to make them strong without breaking easily. If the lashes are strong, they will not be break easily and have the extra strength to hold up the curls. By having these 4 beauty essences in this mascara, my lashes will stay strong even though I am using curler every day to curl up my lashes.

Lastly, do like K-Palette FB Page for more Products & Promotional Updates:  http://www.facebook.com/kpalettesingapore

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