02 September 2012

Review of Benefit Porefessional (Sponsored)

Thanks to the invitation by Cozycot, I have received the Benefit Porefessional for review.

More about Porefessional

Size: 22ml

Product Description:  PRO balm to minimize the appearance of pores


Dual-Action to prime & touch up during the day
Minimize the appearance of pores & fine lines for smoother than smooth skin.

It contains:

Contains a Vitamin E derivative, known to protect skin from free radicals.


To use under makeup:

o Apply a fine layer of this PRO Balm to clean, moisturised skin.
o Pat lightly from the center of the face outwards with fingertips
o Wait seconds, then apply makeup as usual. Skin appears smooth & even

To use over makeup:

o If pores reappear, pat delicately on T-zone over makeup & blend. The light-weight , oil-free formula means a beautifully refined complexion.

I do find that the texture of this product of Benefit is really smooth, oily-free and silky.

I apply this product on my T-zone Area because I have large pores at this area- a skin problem which I hate to admit. That is why I never take close-up photos of my big big pores or my strawberry nose in this post because it is pretty gross. And if you stare at my face while I am talking, you will be able to discover these pores even though I have use the magical concealer  to conceal this flaw of mine. Anyway, large pores are here to stay on my face which makes my T-zone area looks coarse and oily in texture.

Here is where this product will come in handy to minimise the pores area so that my face will look smoother and more refined. Who do not want their face to look more beautiful and radiant after applying makeup? I really appreciate the useful effect of this product as it is able to cover up my strawberry nose effectively. 

The correct way to use it is to apply a thin area of this product on a clean, moisturised skin and pat it lightly from the center of the face outwards with the fingertips. Wait for a while and then apply the makeup as usual. Somehow, I take this product as a primer for a more refined complexion after makeup. And, the wonderful thing is that you can touch up if the pores reappear, just like the loose powder.  Simply drop this product in your bag for touch-ups and you are really to go.

I really have to mention about the silky texture of this product, which is unexplainable through the photo.below,

But, I feel that the face is very smooth and silky after applying this product. And the best thing is that you will not be able to see traces of this product because it is transparent in nature. . The only downside of this product is that it is not meant to replace your concealer as it is not tinted in nature. But, this product will work hand in hand together with your concealer to cover up all the flaws on your face.Do try out this product if you are currently searching for a product that is able to cover your pores effectively during makeup.

Lastly, I will like to thank Cozycot for the invitation to review this fantastic product of Benefit.

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