23 September 2012

My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》

I have watched the movie of My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》

More about My Dog Dou Dou 《我的狗蚪蚪》

Story line: This is a heart-warming story about a gambler father and his estranged son, and how a dog with predictive powers brings them closer together.

Available : At Golden Village Cinema

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/mydogdoudou


I find that this movie is quite touching as this movie tells the story of the special relationship between a boy and a dog. Don’t they say that a dog is a man’s best friend? In this movie, the dog has been ill-treated by its master and trying successfully to break free of the cage it was in. While wandering on the street, it meets this boy, Xing. Although Xing will like to bring this dog home, his gambler father portrayed by Jason Wang (王识贤) does not like dogs. Eventually both of them are stroked by lightings and the boy brings this dog home. Soon the dog has developed predictive powers on the 4 Numbers. Through the ups and down, the father discovered the meaning of life and soon, Xing has found the father he longs for.

This is a local movie with a local context. In my memory, there are quite a number of overseas films touching on the relationship between pets and human beings. However, I do think that this might be the first local film that I have ever come across that speaks of the the special relationship between dog and human beings. The obedient dog whose real name is Flapper, is quite cute and I will strongly encourage dog-lovers to watch this show. Why? Because dog-lovers can somehow relate to this story-line since you have a special bond with your dog just like the boy Xing.

By the way the main actor of the show is Jason Wang (王识贤). Yes, he is the main actor of popular Taiwanese drama such as Love etc. This is maybe the first time that I have seen him acting as a gambler in the movie. As far as I understand, a lot of aunties in Singapore are his loyal fans. Although I am not one of his fans, I do find that his acting skills are quite good and natural. I am so touched between the relationship of the son, Xing and the father, Ming near the end of the movie that I have almost cry

Lastly, do remember to catch this movie if you feel like watching a heart-warming movie during this Mid-Autumn Period.

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