20 August 2012

Review of Skin Peptoxyl Products: Oxyjet Serum , Brightening Snow Powder & Repair Cream (Sponsored)

I have received the following items from SASA for review:

Skin Peptoxyl Oxyjet Serum 
Skin Peptoxyl Brightening Snow Powder 
Skin Peptoxyl Repair Cream 

More about About Skin Peptoxyl

Available at: SASA

SkinPeptoxyl is a cosmeceutical brand made in the US. With over 30 years experience, SkinPeptoxyl has a highly qualified research team experienced in developing high efficacy skincare products to retain a youthful appearance and rejuvenated complexion. Therefore, SkinPeptoxyl’s products are developed with the belief of defined problem and results oriented. All products are clinically tested to prove benefits and safety of use. 

Capturing the success of Intelligent Dark Circles Eraser, the hero product of SkinPeptoxyl, SkinPeptoxyl Research Centre has co-operated with Dr. Hilton Becker, the internationally renowned cosmetic surgeon, and a team of cosmetologists to create 3 Plus+ SkinLIGHT Programme. The skin lightening treatment delivers professional high-performance results yet is gentle enough for daily home use. It encourages epidermal cell renewal as it promotes a visibly brighter and more radiant skin. 

More about Skin Peptoxyl Oxyjet Serum

Size: 30ml

Price: $75.90

Product Description: This serum absorbs oxygen and deeply oxygenates skin cells instantly. It enhances penetration of active ingredients into the skin and boosts up repairing function of the skincare products.

Product Benefits: Stimulates skin renewal, reduces wrinkles & prevent expression lines and moisturizes skin. 


Apply to cleansed skin morning and night. 
After full absorption, reapply a second time for total saturation. 
Follow by DNA Repair Cream.

This is the first time that I have ever tried a serum that is formulated to facilitate the transfer of oxygen into the deepest part of the skin. Many a times, I do find that my skin does not feel as elastic as few years ago, with more lines appearing on my face. That is why I am eager to try out this new innovative product of Skin Peptoxyl.

I like this product because of its smooth, hydrated and non-oily texture.

More-ever, it is able to absorb into my face easily while leaving a thin film of moisture on my skin. After the application of this product into my skin, I can feel that my face is more hydrated and firm up as my facial contour sharpens and becomes more define. 

However, the correct way to use this product is to apply it twice on the face. The first application will be on your dry skin after you have cleansed your face, Wait for the product to dry completely before reapplying the serum for total saturation. The trick here is to apply this product on dry instead of wet skin, so that it will work effectively to regenerate and protect your skin against collagen degradation caused by environmental aggressors.  

More about Skin Peptoxyl Repair Cream 

Size: 60ml

Price: $65.90

Product Description: This product quenches skin's thirst, improve fine lines and elasticity.

Product Benefits: Skin looks younger, more translucent and firmer.

It contains:

• Multiple peptides
• sea fennel
• soybean extract
• white truffles
• amethyst
• platinum
• and gold nanoparticles

Clinically Proven Results

Instantly: subjects reported skin was more moisturized, supple, and younger-looking.
After 1 month: 20% measurable increase in skin's hydration
After 6 months: 42% reduction in visible size and color intensity of dark spots
*91% of subjects reported improvement in lines, look younger, more translucent and firmer


• Apply morning & night after Oxyjet Serum.
• Gently massage in circular motion until fully absorbed.

I will strongly recommend this product to be used after the Oxyjet Serum in the skincare routine as they work well hand in hand together. Although the texture of this cream may seem a bit oily at first, it is easily absorbed into my skin easily. 

And the amazing thing is that my combination skin does not suffer from any breakouts after the application of this Repair Cream on my face. Do note that it is recommended to massage the cream in circular motion rather than rubbing this product into the face. 

I admit that I do like the anti-aging effect of this product. I can instantly see that the skin is much hydrated as there is a thin film of moisture on my face after the application. And the lines on my face are not as obvious and deep as before the usage of this product. 

Somehow, I think that this product does a great job in smoothing the lines on my face as though a small amount of collagen has been pumped into the crease. As a result, my skin looks younger with the lines reduced. 

More about Skin Peptoxyl Brightening Snow Powder

Size: 30g

Price: $59.90

Product Description:  This product combines the freshest high concentration of Vitamin C with cutting edge technology delivering the optimum brightening effect for your skin.

It contains:

•  ascorbic acid- has been shown to protect skin cell structures, individual cells and DHA from UV-induced free radical damage. It is high in anti-oxidants, which is effective in stimulating collagen synthesis, discouraging the formation of lines and wrinkles, and delivering “spot on” treatment that resolve pigmentation, age spot and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.


Apply after a thorough cleanse of the applicable area or mix a pea-sized amount of powder into prescribed moisturizer or serum and apply to the entire face. Apply once a day in the evening or two times a day in the morning and night.

When I first opened this product, what awaits me is a bottle of “glue-like” bottle with no opening on the nozzle. That is why I need to cut a small hole at the nozzle to pour out the white powder.

Please take note not to cut such a big hole least all the excessive powder will spill out the moment you opened the bottle.

This is really my first time testing a whitening powder product like this. I am a bit sceptical about this product at first because it consists of a high concentration of Vitamin C at 10%. As far as I understand, products with high vitamin C might make your skin feel itchy. But, you can be rest assured that you will not experience such an uncomfortable symptom with this product because it is in powder form. 

Basically, the power is instantly absorbed into the skin without any leaving any white residue behind. There are 2 ways whereby you can use this product.

The first way will be to apply the power directly onto your face while the second one will be to mix this product with a moisturizer or a serum—I have been mixing this white powder with the DNA Cream. 

Frankly speaking, I prefer the 2nd way as it is easier to apply on the face because the excessive powder might spill out and dirty your clothes if you apply it directly on your face. 

The main function of this product is to correct the uneven skin tone of the face. So far, I am delighted by its whitening effect as I do think that it works effectively to correct the uneven skin tone on my face. I will highly recommend this product for people with uneven skin tone. 

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Tiffany said...

hey shorthairlady,
thanks and i am interested to try Skin peptoxyl, however what's more truly important is the ingredients listed and i hope you can take a few screenshots of the ingredient please? thanks in advance!

loyal reader

Shorthairlady said...

Thanks for dropping by and nice to meet you.Although I still have the products, there is no mentioned about the ingredients on the bottle.
Unfortunately the ingredients are printed on the box which I have misplaced it. What I can advise you to do is to visit the nearest SaSa to search for this range of products. You can see the ingredient on the box.Hope that helps.