20 August 2012

Review of Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Soothing Gel Eye Cream (Sponsored)

I have received the following items from SASA for review.

In this post, I will be reviewing the product of Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Soothing Gel Cream.

More about Methode Swiss

Methode SWISS creates lines of products with the most advanced skincare technologies of Switzerland, the highest quality natural ingredients and scientific principles. Its various skincare lines offer comprehensive care for your skin, illustrating the pure, simple but effective skincare magic of Switzerland.

More about Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Soothing Gel Cream

Size: 15ml

Price:  $69.00

Available: At SASA

Product Description: This is a light, fast-absorbed eye cream which is a perfect synergistic blend that effectively revives the eye contour area with Swiss thermal power and essential nutrients.

It contains:

Thermal Oxygen Soothing Complex
Nature-mimetic Antioxidant System- hydrates soothes and recharges
Essential vitamins
& Metabiotics Resveratro-help reduce a puffy tired eye appearance 


Hold upright and slowly depress the applicator with your thumb to release the product, then glide the expert applicator under the eye, from the inner to the outer corner until the product is absorbed

I am always on the lookout of finding an effective eye cream that will work on all the aging problems at my eye circles, including dark eye circles, lines and eye bags. Yes and its true, I have all the worst aging eye problems in every woman’s nightmare. Because of this, my eyes look so tired and puffy that I have to use a concealer to hide all the flaws on my eyes.

That is why I am excited to try out this product, Methode Swiss Thermal Oxygen Soothing Gel Cream.

I have been using this Product for quite sometimes before I have written this review. I do find that this product does work effectively to hydrate the skin around my eye area. As a result, my eyes will look more radiant and brighter. Therefore, I like to refer this product as a brightening serum for my eye area because of its watery and smooth essence. (just like an serum). The texture of this product is more like a Gel Cream form which is easily absorbed into the delicate skin around the eye areas.

More-ever, the Gel Cream is not too rich for my eyes, meaning that I need not have to worry about the problems of developing Milia Seeds aka Oil Seeds around the eyes area.

Since this product is supposed to hydrate, soothe and re-energize the skin around the eyes area, I have yet to see its effect of the reduction the dark eye circles on my face. Maybe I have to use this product for a longer time before I can really see my dark circles diminished. But it does play a part in reducing the puffy eye bags on my face because of the unique applicator of this product. The correct way to use this product is to hold up right and slowly press the applicator down to release the product.

After that, glide the expert applicator under the eye, from the inner to the outer corner until the product is absorbed.

This applicator is so easy to use and somehow, it is like an eye massenger wand which is applying pressure on my eye acupoints to reduce the puffiness of the eye bags.

However, do take note not to press the applicator down so fast lest it will release too much Gel Cream into you’re the delicate area near your eyes.

I am quite happy with the smoothing effect of this product as it is able to tackle 2 of my 3 aging eye problems.

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