02 August 2012

Review of L'oreal Miss Candy Lip Gloss & Eye shadow (Sponsored)

I am excited to receive the following makeup items from L’oreal for reviews:

Glam Shine Miss Candy glosses- Miss Apricot
Infallible Miss Candy- Innocent Turquoise
Infallible Miss Candy- Sassy Marshmallow

More about L’oreal Glam Shine Miss Candy glosses
Size: 6ml

Price: $15.90

Product Description: This New Iridescent candied-coloured shade gives your lips a fresh faux-naïve look with bracing, shimmering, sugar-candy shades that bring out its natural colour


Miss Apricot
Miss Raspberry
Miss Marshmallow
Miss Orange

I like this newly Launched Collection of L’oreal Makeup because I am captivated and attracted by the sweet candy colour of this new Range. Amongst the 4 colour of the Glam Shane Miss Candy Lip Glosses, I have received the Miss Apricot for review.

This colour reminds me of vibrant orange red Apricot, a perfect match for my pale and fair complexion. At first, I thought that the colour will make me look too girlish but I am wrong. In fact, the shimmering lip gloss colour gives a natural shimmering lip colour which is also perfect for creating a classic or corporate look as well.

By the way, the lip gloss is easy to apply because it has a specially-designed applicator that blends in approximately around 30 degrees. 

With this special applicator, I can do find that I can simply touch up the lip gloss easily without any smudging. I admit that I do not have a steady hand when applying lip colour on my lips. Sometimes, the lip colour will somehow smudge unless I have applied the lip-liner before that. That is why I find this lip gloss product of L’oreal easy and convenient to use.

More about L’oreal Color Infallible Miss Candy

Size: 3.5g

Price: $14.90

Product Description: This lusciously contrasting mixture of 2 shades eye-shadow gives you a sweet, bright-eye look.


 • Innocent Turquoise

• Naughty Strawberry

• Sassy Marshmallow

I have received both the Innocent Turquoise and Sassy Marshmallow Eye shadow for reviews.

At first glance, I thought that the colour looks a bit weird ( a combination of two colours shade) and am worry that it might look strange on my eye-lids. . For eg, Innocent Turquoise has tints of Beige Color while the Sassy Marshmallow(Silver) has tints of Marshmallow Pink and Green.

But, the colour turns out to be quite pleasant on my eyes. A beautiful intense shade indeed. Maybe it’s because of the unique texture of Infallible Eyeshadow that the colour will somehow blend nicely together to form a smooth texture.

Not forgetting that this product of L’oreal will resist rubbing and water and will not build up (appear bulky) in the creases of the eyelids, I will strongly recommend this product to ladies who love to play around with the intensive shade of colour of eye shadow to create an stylish candy look.

Lastly, L’oreal has kindly organized a contest for us bloggers where we have to take picture of our best candy look. The prize will be a a treat for 2 for a Chocolate Buffet at Fullerton Hotel. Wow chocolate Buffet. Yummy!!! 

Here is my photo.

Wish me all the luck. Keeping my finger crossed and hope that I will be able to win this contest.


justsoyouknow said...

I love the L'Oreal lip gloss wand. I think it is designed that way for easy application.

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Shorthairlady said...

Hi,nice to meet you.Thanks for coming by and visit my blog.Yes, I do find the L'oreal lip gloss wand design unique.Great for application and touch up. I also love its candy colour too.