09 August 2012

Review of Garnier Second Skin Masks (Sponsored)

I have received 2 Masks from Garnier for reviews:

Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Second Skin Mask

Aqua Defense Hydrating Glowing Essence Second Skin Mask

More about Second Skin Masks

No of Sheets per Box: 5

Price: S$21.90 for 1 Box

Available: At Watsons, Guardians, major supermarkets and hypermarkets and selected departmental stores

Suitable: For all skin types.

Type of Masks:

Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Second Skin Mask
Aqua Defense Hydrating Glowing Essence Second Skin Mask

Second Skin Masks Description: Designed specifically to suit Asian women’s facial features, Second Skin Mask uses innovative high fitting tissue which allows the mask to stay on all curves of the face perfectly.

Adhering to Facial Contours
Using new weightless technology, Garnier Second Skin Mask is a thin translucent sheet that lies closely to the skin, reducing trapped air bubbles. By being in touch with every part of the face, the serum is absorbed effectively, even on hard to reach areas such as the nose bridge and the sides of the nose. Soft and smooth, micro nutrients soaked in the mask will penetrate into the skin giving the user a flawless, illuminated complexion in 10 minutes.

More about Garnier Light Intensive 3 in 1 Whitening Essence Second Skin Mask

Mask’s Function: This Mask works fast on dull skin, leaving skin fairer ,radiant and supple

It contains a combination of 3 ingredients:

Tanggula Glacier Water-rich in minerals which helps retain water inside the skin
Scutellaria extract-helps to lighten the skin tone
And Pure lemon essence- to help remove the dead cells for an even and refined skin texture.

As the name suggests, the texture of this mask is quite thin, almost like my second skin. 

I am really glad that the material of this Second Mask is not made of flimsy material because it does not tear off easily when I am sketching this mask on my face.

 More-ever, I do find it quite easy to fit this mask on my face without any difficulty. 

I am impressed by the innovative high fitting tissue of this mask as it is able to fit the contour of my face easily, I have even tried to shake my heads for a few times but the mask will still stay intact on my face without any movement. I remembered vaguely from a TV Programme that a good mask should stay in place and touch every contour of your face. I do agree with this notion because if there is a bubble, there will be an air barrier in between the mask and that part of the face. When that happens, serum from the mask will not be able to absorb into that area of the face effectively. That is why I am always on the lookout for Mask that is able to fit the contour of my face easily without any air bubbles. Therefore, I will definitely foresee myself using this new Product of Garnier in the long time   

In comparison, this mask has a mild lemon essence smell. After using this mask, I do notice that my face has brightens up and I look more radiant.

 I will strongly recommend this Mask for people with dull skin.

More about Garnier Aqua Defense Hydrating Glowing Essence Second Skin Mask 

Mask’s Function: This mask quenches skin and protects it from aggressions like air-conditioned  and weather, revealing a softer and radiant skin like never before.

It nourishes the skin with these anti-oxidant ingredients: 

Tanggula Glacier Water
White Tea
and Green Tea Extracts

As a busy OL who have to stay in the air-conditioned office for at least 8 hours every weekday, I do find that my skin is dry and oily. The reason is that my face is constantly exposing itself to aggressor such as air-conditioned. That is why I have to replenish the moisture on my face by putting on the mask for at least twice a week. I will strongly recommend this mask for busy OL who desperately need to replenish the moisture on their skin.

This mask is more for hydrating purpose. Maybe that is why I do feel a cool sensation on my face when I am putting on the Mask. After removing the mask, I find that my skin is much more radiant and hydrated. And what really amazes me is that the cool sensation on my face will continue on for a few minutes even if I have already removed the mask. I do believe that this mask actually does bring down the temperature on my face, making it suitable for usage for people experiencing sun -burnt. When that happens, my skin will be more hydrated and the oil secretions on my skin will not be that as active as before. As a result, my skin feels softer and is not as oily as before.

 This is definitely a product suitable for people with combination and oily skin as well.

Lastly, I will like to thank Garnier for the invitation of the review. 

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