26 August 2012

Jyunka Challenge at Jean Elegance (Sponsored)

I have been invited to the Jean Elegance outlet for the Jyunka Challenge. As Jean Elegance has 2 outlets, I have chosen to have it at the Marsiling outlet, which is just a few MRT Stops away from my working location.

It’s quite easy to locate this outlet as it is situated at Marsiling MRT Station. Just locate this notice post and follow the direction.

The staffs are quite friendly and the manager explains to me that Jyunka Challenge will be a Facial using both the Jyunka Epidermal Peel and the  M+ Fluid Products.

By the way, this is not the first time that I have stepped into Jean Elegance outlet as I have been to the Tiong Bahru Outlet before to try the Maria Galland’s Cocoon Facial. I am glad that both Jean Elegance Outlets have cosy treatment rooms. This is because I always like to do my facial treatments in a room whereby I can feel relax and comfortable. After all, facial treatment is meant to pamper ourselves, isn’t it ?

My beautician is May and I admit that I do like her service as she is polite, professional and most importantly, always so patient to explain to me information about Jyunka Products.

After cleansing the makeup off my face, May apply the Jyunka Epidermal Peel Treatment Kit on my face. She tells me that 6 strips of this epidermal treatment peel will be adequate for 1 application As the focus of the Jyunka Challenge will be on the M+ Fluid, I shall only touch briefly on the Epidermal Peel. For your information, epidermal peel is a treatment product for people who have pigmentation, blackheads and a dull skin tone.

Unfortunately, I am one of them. Do note that this deep but safe Epidermal Peel will stimulate the regenerative cells in your skin. Since it is a peel, I do feel a slight discomfort of itchiness which is bearable. After 5 minutes, the peel will have to be washed off by the special Jyunka lotion included in the kit. 

This peel of Jyunka really brightens up my face as I look fairer and more radiant. What is more amazing is that the pigmentation of my acne scars really lightens. The wonders of Jyunka product never stops here as I experience the miracle,product of Jyunka M+ Fluid next.

More about the Jyunka M+ Fluid

Size: 30ml

Price: SGD 344.00

Available : At Jean Elegance outlet

Product Description: Jyunda M+ Fluid patented Qusome Technology and Vitamin C in the form of L-Ascorbic Acid to protect skin cells from environmental and UV-induced damage.

It contains:

Qusomes- multi-layered particles, whose layers are alternately hydrophilic and lipophilic
Vitamin C in the form of L-ascorbic acid-powerful antioxidant and promotes the production of collagen in skin tissues at the same time reducing the harmful effects of hyper-pigmentation


The skin literally glows from within. Toxins are flushed and the complexion improves.
Plump up Fine Lines - fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced with the plumping effect of the serum.
Lift Sagging Skin - sagging skin is visibly lifted and the facial contours are more defined.
Tighten Pores - good for people with open pores.
Reduce Dark Eye Circles
Lighten Pigmentation and Age Spots

Long term results begin with the basil layer’s increased skin cell production level, followed by the Fibroblast cells increased collagen and elastin production at the dermis level


It acts as a booster and should be used on clean skin after the toner and before your serum and moisturizer


INTENSE - 21 days (Day & Night)
AGED-SKIN - 2 to 3 months (Night)
OIL CONTROL - 2 to 3 nights (Weekly)
PIGMENTATION - Spot application (Day & Night)
JYUNKA GLOW! - 3 to 4 days (Day & Night)

Product Review
The texture of the M+ Fluid may seem a bit oily at first but it is able to absorb into my skin readily. Somehow, it will turn into liquid after absorption.

I will suggest pumping out the lotion on your hand instead of the cotton pad and applying it on your face after the toner. 

Depending on the type of skin problems that you will like to tackle, simply apply M+ Fluid from a variations of twice a day to 2 to 3 night per week.

As for me, I have been applying this product twice every day since I want to achieve the intense effect of this product. 

I can really see the immediate results of this fantastic product as the laughing lines around my mouth are pumped up, my facial contour is lift up and the pores are refined. And the most fantastic thing is that it can lighten the dark eye circles on my face! –an optimal effect which is totally out of my expectations.

I thought that this problem of mine can only be solved through eye surgery or aesthetic treatment. Now, I am able to find a product that can treat this aging skin problem of mine. Hooray!

Back to the Jyunka Challenge. When May apply the M+ Fluid on my face, she mentions how the technology of this fluid works. M+ Fluid is a patented method to encapsulate a pure form of vitamin C to provide lifting and brightening results on our face. This is what makes M+ Fluid so special as the Vitamin C is able to penetrate into the Dermis Area apart from the Basal Layer. 

The Challenge ends with the 20 minutes of a hydrating mask session. I am glad that I have gone to this challenge as I am able experience for myself the fantastic anti-aging effects of Jyunka Products. If you do not believe me, check out the photos below.

Here comes a wonderful new for you to win Jyunka Facial and Products.

***** Prizes********
1st prize Jyunka M+ Fluid worth $344

Consolation PrizeL 5 x Jyunka Express Facials (30 mins) each worth $68

*****Here is how you can participate******:

2.Please leave down

i. Your FB Name
ii. Your Name
iii. and email as a comment at this blogging post, so that I can contact you if you win. Even if you logged into Gmail, I will appreciate if you leave down your email, Entries without any email information will be deleted without any notifications.

Good luck!!

This contest is officially closed. To view the lists of winners, please go to this link:

Terms & Conditions of this giveaway:
• Only people residing in Singapore will be allowed to take part in the Contest as I will not be able to arrange for overseas postage of prize. 
• Winners must be at least 25 years of age and above. If the winner is less than 25 years old, I reserved the right to choose another winner. 
• The contest is to be held from 26th Aug 2012-2 Sept 2012.
• Any entries received beyond the time of 00:00 3th Sept 2012 will not be considered as a valid entry.
• Each person is only entitled to participate in this Contest once.
• Do remember to leave down your email address, so that I can contact you if you are the winner 
• Once the winners are chosen, the decision is final unless the winners do not respond to my winning notification email or stay in Singapore.
• If the winner cannot be contacted after the designated date stated in the notification email or staying overseas, I reserved the right to pick another winner


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