02 July 2012

Winners of Maria Galland Contest

Have you take part in the Maria Galland's Contest? Want to know whether you are one of the lucky winners?

Drum Rolls......

Top Prize: 1 Maria Galland's Treatment Facial

Winner's Name: Erlina Husada

Second Prize: 1 Maria Galland Moisturiser that is suitable for your skin type.

Winner's Name: Lapuz Wilma 

10* Consolation Prize: One can can enjoy Maria Galland’s Cocoon treatment courtesy of Jean Elegance at the very special price of $68 and receive Maria Galland’s Cream 96 worth $107 absolutely free!

Winners' Name:
  1. Saralyn Low
  2. Ann Wong
  3. Sharon Ngo
  4. Quek CH
  5. Hazel Lam
  6. Grace Tan
  7. Sheryl Chan
  8. Grace Lee
  9. Fiona
  10. Jermaine Liang
Congrats to all the winners! I will be contacting shortly via email.

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