21 July 2012

Review of Kneipp Herbal Body Wash & Almond Blossom Body Oil (Sponsored)

I have received the following Kneipp Products for Review:

Kneipp Herbal Body Wash Rosemary
Kneipp Herbal Body Wash Juniper
Kneipp Almond Blossom Body Oil

More about Kneipp Herbal Body Wash

These Herbal Wash Products contains aromatherapeutic Body Wash formula which can unwind your mind and relax the senses to create a calm, de-stressed experience. They are Colour and preservative (e.g. parabens) free, Dermatologist tested PH Balanced Alkaline free.

More about Kneipp Herbal Body Wash Rosemary

Size: 200ml

Price: SGD 18.90

Product Description: This is an invigorating body wash that literally wakes up the system.

It contains: Rose Essential Oil- Improves circulation, awakens and energizes.

I am glad that Kneipp Herbal Body Wash Products contain Essential Oil and are colour and preservatives free. As I have sensitive skin on my body, I am always on the lookout for a Body Wash that will effectively nourish my skin without the usage of any harsh chemical ingredients. This is because my skin tends to develop rashes around the Knee and Ankle Area when it comes into contact with any harsh chemical products. I have been using the 2 Products Herbal Wash for quite some days and I am happy to say that Kenipp Products are definitely natural and suitable for my sensitive skin.

I love to use this product of Herbal Body Wash Rosemary early in the morning during Weekdays when I have to go to work. The reason is simple-This product can awaken my body and mind, so that I will feel more refreshed and energetic to start a new fresh day of work.

Since this product contains Rose Essential Oil. It has a mild exhilarating scent which is an ideal way to start the day. I will highly recommend this Product to the Office OL who just needs a pampering invigorating Body Wash in the morning.

More about Kneipp Herbal Body Wash Juniper

Size: 200ml

Price: SGD 18.90

Product Description: This Herbal Wash soothes tired, sore muscles.

It contains: Juniper essential oil- a natural anti-inflammatory that helps to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension.

In comparison, I will like to use this product in the evening when I have come back from work. As a busy OL who has to sit in front of the office continuously for a number of hours, it is inevitably that I will develop sore and tight tensions on my shoulder and back area. I will like to refer this as an occupation hazard. That is why I love this Herbal Wash Product so much as it contains Juniper essential oil-a natural anti-inflammatory that helps improve circulation and relieve muscle tension. 

After using this Product, I do find that the tight tensions on my shoulder have found a relief as my body does not ache as much as before. Speaking of which, here is a small tip for you: I do think that the Products of Kneipp Body Wash Juniper and Body Oil will complement each other as they work well together to promote circulation and achieve a better results in relieving the muscle aches and tension on my Body. That is why I will use the Kneipp Body Oil to massage my body occasionally after bathing my body with Kneipp Body Wash Juniper.

More about Kneipp Almond Blossom Body Oil

Size: 100ml

Price: SGD 28.90

Product Description: This body oil help regenerate skin while also helping to protect it from harmful environmental aggressors.

It contains: 

emollient almond
and jojoba oils enhanced with vitamins A & E


I find that this Body Oil is really a saviour Product for people like me who have dry and sensitive skin on the Body as it contains emollient almond. Since ancient times, sweet almond oil has been known as an intensive but gentle skin conditioner, making this product especially suitable for dry and sensitive skin. Do note that this product is enhanced with Vitamin A whose function is to smooth the roughness while Vitamin E acts on to protect and repair the skin.

After massaging my body with this Body Oil, I do notice that my skin is much hydrated and not as dry as before In fact, I no longer have to bear with the constant agony of the itchiness of my drying skin as my skin has becomes softer and smoother.

Other than the moisturizing effect of this Body Oil, I will like to mention its mild pleasant floral fragrance I do like the fact that it leaves a nice gentle lingering floral scent on my skin. For your information, my skin is a bit sensitive to some chemicals in perfumes or body lotions. That is why my skin will develop allergic adverse condition when in contact with certain perfumes or body lotions. Although this product will leave a nice fragrance on my body, I am relieved that it is natural and I do not experience any rashes after massaging my body with the body lotion. I will highly recommend this product to those people with dry and sensitive skin.

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