14 July 2012

Review of Dr G Super Aquasis Products (Sponsored)

Thanks to the invitation from SASA, I have received Dr Gowoonsesang(G) Super Aquasis Line for Review.

More about Dr G Super Aquasis Line

Gowoonsesang Cosmetics has just launched a new Series of Products called  Dr G Super Aquasis Line.

Available: Exclusively at SaSa Cosmetics in Singapore.

This line of Products offers 

sustainable moisturizing to renew your skin’s vitality by providing unique Aqua energy to skin.
uniquely magnificent refreshment and moisture as the water drop bursts on skin, leading to naturally clear and moisturized skin.

It contains

Opuntia Coccinelifera Fruit Extract
Argan Oil,
and Marine Water-to provide sufficient moisture into the skin to soothe flaky keratin,
Crystal Moisture Seed-similar structure to dermal phospholipid, to provide a water-retaining protective film on skin, and keep your skin feels moisturized for long.
Abyssine- protects the skin from outer harmful environments while soothing the irritated and flushed skin by strong UV rays.

It is a 3-step Aqua Building System, namely:

Step.1: Unlock moisture supply path
Step.2: Provide moisture
Step.3: Apply protective moisture film) to make a healthy and watery-elastic skin through the solution for fundamental skin concern - dehydration.

It consists of:

And Gel Cream

More about Dr G Super Aquasis Moisture Toner

Product Function: It is an Aqua Toner containing Sea Water enriched with an abundant mineral provides a sensation of moisture to skin for ideal preparation of next step.

Ingredient: It contains water-retaining Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract to sooth flaky keratin to prevent the evaporation of water and provide elasticity and moisture to the skin.

Toner plays an important part in our skincare routine because it helps to close up the pores after cleansing. That is why we will have to choose wisely an effective toner that will prepare us for the next step of the skincare routine. I do find that Dr G Super Aquasis Moisture Toner is a product that is able to do that. Unlike some of the other toners in the retail market, this product does not have a strong chemical astringent smell. When I poured out this toner onto a cotton pad, I do smell the nice floral fragrance of flowers though.

Have you ever encountered a situation whereby you have used a toner that has a stringing sensation on your face? I have and it’s quite an unpleasant experience. I am quite glad that I do not encounter such a tissue with the Dr G Toner. This toner is quite mild and moisturising in texture.. After using this Toner with Aqua Properties, my face feels more supple and moisturised.

More about Dr G Super Moisture Seed Ample

Product Function: A highly concentrated moisture ample to provide a water-retaining protective film and radiance. It protects moisture in skin to prevent skin dryness as its refreshing touch of moisture applies protective film on skin.

Ingredient: It contains a Crystal Moisturizing Seed similar to cholesterol: a dermal phospholipid component.

This product has a concentrated non-oily gel like texture which is easily absorbed into my skin. In my opinion, this is a moisturising non-oily serum product which is able to hydrates my skin instantly. 

After the usage of this product, my face do feels more refreshed and supple.

Therefore, I will highly recommend this product to people with an oily and combination skin because it is able to replenish the moisture effectively without clogging the oil glands on my skin. This is very important because I do not want to use a rich serum which will cause more blemishes like blackheads and pimples on my face

More about Dr G Super Aquasis Moisture Gel Cream

Product Description: A moisture gel cream that provides uniquely magnificent refreshment and moisture as the water drop bursts on skin. It acts as a protective moisture film on skin to protect skin from outer stimulating factors for healthy and elastic skin texture.

Description: It contains Sea Water enriched with an abundant mineral and the Resurrection Plant Callus Culture Extract help to quench the thirst of skin tired in the heat, and support the natural functions of skin, leading to naturally clean and clear skin.

Amongst the 3 products of Dr G Super Aquasis, this is definitely a product that I love the most. The reason is that it has a Gel like texture which reminds me of custard or jelly.

Its soft moisturising texture is able to provide an almost invisible protective moisture film on my skin.

 As a result, my skin feels more supple and hydrated after the usage of this product.

Frankly speaking, I do feel that my skin is getting tired nowadays as I am subjected to the hot scorching weather of Singapore. Even though I have diligently applied sun block onto my skin, I have notice that my skin has more lines than before. Perhaps the moisturiser that I have used before is not adequate to recharge the moisture on my skin. This is where this product will come to my rescue as it is able to quench the thirst of my skin.

For your information, the endorser of Dr G Super Aquasis Products is the well-known Korean Celebrity ‘Park Shin Hye.

If you envy her clear and flawless complexion, do use Dr Super Aquasis Products as these are her beauty secrets. Please remember that Dr G Super Aquasis Products are exclusively available at SASA.

Speaking of which, SASA will be having a contest on their FB Page where 3 lucky winners can walk away with Dr G Super Aquasis Line Worth $116 & Park Shin Hye's Autographed Photo! Do refer to the poster below for more information. 

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