07 July 2012

Beauty Delights happybox-Foot Detox Therapy at Fabulous Tan (Sponsored)

I will be reviewing Beauty Delights happybox in this blog post.

If you have not heard about happybox before, here is a short introduction about this new concept of Gift Box.

More about happybox

Happybox is the next generation of gift card allowing one to choose from a selection of activities within a given theme.

Inside each of the happybox, there will be a full-color guidebook with an included gift card.

From the many selections of choices/options of gifts in the guidebook, the recipient just has to choose one Gift that he/she will like to redeem at the establishment by following these 4 simple steps:

Register the gift box at http://happybox.sg/activation/
Choose one of the package offered in the guidebook
Reserve directly with the establishment, quoting the happybox gift card.
Experience an amazing pampering after presenting the original gift card to the establishment upon arrival.

Happybox currently offers 2 types of Gift Boxes:

Beauty Delights happybox at $59
Wine & Dine happybox at $169

Website to purchase happybox: http://happybox.sg/

Here is my first very own Beauty Delights happybox.

Frankly speaking, I do like this new concept of Gift Box because it gives the Recipient the freedom to choose their Gift within a given theme. For eg, in the Beauty Delights happybox, there are various types of Beauty treatments from the 17 establishments to choose from, be it facial, Body Massage, Tanning, Manicure etc.

I am so spoilt for choice. In the end, I have decided to go for Foot Detox Therapy at 29A Lorong Mambong’s Fabulous Tan Outlet at Holland Village.

It’s quite a memorable experience for me as I never know that I have so much toxins in my body. 

Basically, the detox session is quite similar to foot massage except that it is using a machine rather than  human touch on the acupuncture point. I am so amazed that the therapist is able to point out my weak digestive system just by looking at the toxins that has been released in the spa water.

After the detox session, I feel more energetic and revitalized. I am glad that I have make a wise choice in choosing this Foot Detox Treatment amongst the other Beauty Treatments in the happybox.

If you are currently thinking of getting a present for someone special, why not try this new concept of gift box. Get him/her a happybox that will make him/happy. I am sure that he/her will appreciate your thoughtful efforts. 

Lastly, do remember to join happybox FB Page for more Promotions and Products updates: https://www.facebook.com/happybox.sg

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