03 June 2012

TOUCHE "Unveil your Skin from Beneath" Beauty Workshop

I have attended TOUCHE’s 10th Anniversary "Unveil your Skin from Beneath" Beauty Workshop at Hilton Hotel.

Here is a summary of the programme line-up on that day:

The host of this event is Ms Genecia Luo, Miss Singapore Universe (RU) 2006 and the renowned celebrity trainer

The first segment of this event is the introduction of C.S. Skin system-Clinical Skin system where it comprises:

Diagnosis and consultation protocols
Medi-asthetic technology integration protocol
Treatment Products
Treatment Protocol

The presentator of this event is Beauty Speaker, Ms Meryl Chou

Meryl shows us a live demo of detailed skin diagnosis of a male volunteer. 

She mentions that sometimes we might not be able to see the skin problems with our naked eyes. That is why we need a machine to have a comprehensive analysis of our skin condition. I do agree with her point of view as I often find that my blemishes will always “grow back” at the same area. Maybe that pimple prone area has occurs because my face is oily at the deeper layer of my skin. However, it looks as though it does not have a problem at the surface area.  

Next up is the sumptuous high-tea buffet. Check out the delicious food below:

In between the event, there is  a Q & A segment whereby all the attendee of this event can take part to win a body product.

The second segment is the PH+ skin-resurfacing treatment. Its purpose is to improve the appearance of skin as much as possible through chemical peeling.  

Again, there is a live demo where we can really see a big difference on the volunteer face before and after the PH+ treatment. However, I only realize that I have forgotten to take the before and after photos of this volunteer when I am about to publish this blogging post.

By the way, that day also happens to be the birthday of the mediacorp artiste, Chen Tian Wen. Happy Birthday! Chen Tian Wen. After making the announcement of this birthday, the host, Genecia leads all of us to sing him a Birthday Song.

The event ends with a lucky draw where there are 15 fabulous prizes up for grab. Although Lady Luck is not on my side on that day, I will like to thank TOUCHE for inviting me to this event. Congrats to all the lucky winners of the Lucky Draw.

In conjunction with its 10th anniversary, Touch will be having a Triple 10 offers on selected treatment packages and all absolute products.

I am not sure when this attractive promotion will end though. If you want to sign up with TOUCHE, please contact its friendly sales consultant for more information on this promotion.

Lastly, do remember to like their FB Page for more promotional updates : https://www.facebook.com/TOUCHEBeauty

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