03 June 2012

Review of Love More White Crystal & Platinium Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask (Sponsored)

I have received Love More White Crystal & Platinium Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask for review.

More about Love More White Crystal & Platinium Peptide Whitening Duo Lifting Mask

Retail Price: $9.90

No of Masks/ Box: 5 Masks

Product Description: This latest “turn back time lifting mask” fits your face and neck perfectly! It fits against gravity and lift up the skin at your neck, mouth area, cheek and eye area. After 20 minutes with the mask, it is just like you just did a SPA massaging session emerging with a smaller and fairer skin.

Function: Brightens dullness skin. Enhance moisture level to your skin and promoting collagen synthesis increase skin elasticity.

It contains: 
White Crystal-enhances skin's ability to regenerate, energize & revitalize
Peptides-often referred to as "botox without the pain", stimulates the production of collagen, improving skin texture & restores elasticity,
Ionized crystal & peptides help repair & restore your skin moisture & elasticity leaving your skin younger & smoother.

For your information, Love More Mask has a rating that I can refer to on the Box for its product functions.  For this whitening mask, the Whitening, Absorption and Fitting to skin Ratings are all 5 star. In comparison, its moisturising effect is only 4 stars while the Tightening Effect is only 3 stars.

I always love the texture of Love More Mask as it is make of elastic material. I have tried other Masks on the Market and sometimes they do break easily while I am trying to sketch it to fit it on my face. But I have not encountered such an issue with Love More Mask. This really means a lot to me as I will like to relax myself while putting on the Mask, so as to enhance its absorption ability. I will definitely not used a Mask that is make of inelastic material as it will make my “facial masking” session an unpleasant experience.

After using this mask, I do notice that my face has brightens up and I look more radiant. Most important of all, I have a beautiful, crystal and clear skin. I will highly recommend this product for those people who want a mask with ultra-whitening properties.

For your information, this product will be available at selected Watson Outlet. If you wish to purchase Love More Mask online, please check out http://www.secretive.sg  Website   Do also remember to join these 3 FB Pages:

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