10 June 2012

Review of Dettol Natural Body Wash (Sponsored)

I have received 2 Dettol Products for review, namely:
Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash
Dettol Natural Soothing Body Wash

This is not the same time that I have used Dettol Products. When I am still a kid, my mum used to let me bathe with water mixed with Dettol liquid whenever I have rashes on my sensitive skin. After bathing with this “special mixture”, my skin no longer feels as itchy as before.  Now, Dettol has launched the new Product Range of Body Wash which is definitely more convenient in terms of usage.

More about the brand of Dettol
First manufactured and launched in 1932, Dettol has since established itself as a trusted antiseptics brand worldwide. With a diverse range of products for both personal and home care that have proven to effectively kill bacteria, Dettol is a trusted brand name synonymous with germ protection.

More about Dettol Natural Body Bath
Dettol has launched a luxuriously indulgent shower experience with its newest range of body wash, Dettol Natural.A true encapsulation of nourishment, moisturisation and protection while you cleanse, this product range is formulated with only the finest of ingredients gifted by Mother Nature.

Variants of Product Range: Soothing & Nourishing

Squeeze a small amount onto wet shower puff sponge, washcloth or hands.
Work into a rich creamy lather and rinse.

Available: At at all leading hypermarkets, supermarkets and pharmacies in Singapore.

More about Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash

It is formulated with the richness of:
soothing almond extracts
silky olives

Suitable  for : People looking to give their skin a luxurious treat, tinged with the captivating scent of nature to revitalise and reinvigorate the senses.

I will prefer the fragrance of this produce as compared to the Soothing Series. It smells like that of a Baby Shower Gel but with a more fragrance smell of Natural Olive. 

I admit that I have sensitive skin on my body, especially on my legs. Whenever, the weather is hot, my skin will feel itchy and I will start to scratch until it bleeds.

After using this product, my skin feels more moisturised and the itchy feeling on my body will subside. I will recommend this Body Wash to those People who are having a mild sensitive skin on the body just like me.

More about  Dettol Natural Soothing Body Wash

It is created with a relaxing concoction of fresh flowers:

that are commonly used for soothing effects, The calming scent of these 2 flowers promotes a sense of well-being for much-deserved respite from hectic days,

Suitable for : those with sensitive skin who prefer a gentler touch.

In comparison, this product has a floral smell. I do feel that this product is milder than the Nourishing Series and is more suitable for sensitive skin.  Because of this mild effect, it provides a much gentler cleansing and hydrating action on my skin. Perhaps the reason behind this notion is not to strip off too moisture from the dry and sensitive skin. Personally, I have used to have my bath with a deeper cleansing Body Wash even though I have sensitive skin. That is why I will prefer the body of Dettol Natural Nourishing Body Wash

Lastly, I will strongly encourage you to try or use Dettol Natural Body Wash Product if you are currently looking for a Shower Cream that will provide trusted protection against skin.

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